Members of University Court

Members of University Court

The University Court is made up of 26 members, including representatives from senior management, academic staff, trade unions, students, alumni, Fife Council and non-executive members appointed on a skills basis. Court is presided over by the Rector. The Senior Lay Member serves as chair of Court.

Since a large part of the University's funding arises from public sources, it is important that Court's procedures and practices demand the highest standards of conduct by the Court and its members. They must also ensure adherence to conditions set out in financial memoranda which are agreed by the University and the Scottish Funding Council.

Individual members of Court have a duty to carry out their responsibilities in an honest, objective and informed manner, at no time supporting sectional interests. Their guiding principle must be to pursue the best interests of the University as a whole. Prior to accepting appointment or nomination for election to Court, prospective members should understand and accept the responsibilities which membership entails and should also consult with the executive officer to the University Court should there be any possibility of conflict of interest.

A list of all current members of University Court and their register of interests can be found below. 

Register of interests information of senior management closely associated with the work of the University Court can be found below.