Summer Academic Experience Courses

The Summer Academic Experience Courses (SAEC) offer pupils from around the world the unique opportunity to experience courses taught in the Scottish academic tradition by current academic staff. Students will get to study an academic subject of their choice, whilst also developing their academic research and writing skills. Students on these courses must have a good level of English.

Students will receive a student ID card and will have free access to our world-class facilities, including the library and newly redeveloped sports centre.

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>> CHARLOTTE: Hi, I’m Charlotte and I’m seventeen, I live in France, so I participated in the St Andrews Summer 2021 course with the Arts and Social Sciences programme. So, I signed up for the course initially to get an idea of what University lectures would be like and to be able to study a range of different topics relating to the Arts and Social Sciences field.


>> CHARLOTTE: So, I really enjoyed the course, it was online for me, I thought it was a great experience, the lectures are very dynamic and interesting. I felt like the organisers were very approachable and responsive. I also really enjoyed the international aspect of the course, so even though I wasn’t really able to meet anyone in person, I really liked the fact that we are from all over the world.


>> CHARLOTTE: So, as a whole I feel like the course gave me a good idea of what the teaching style is at St Andrews, and also a good idea of what to expect. So I really recommend this course, if you are hesitating maybe over which subject you’d like to take for university, or if you’d like to experience lectures ahead of time so before going to university.


Course dates

Start date: Thursday 21 July 2022
End date: Thursday 11 August 2022

Course fee

The course fee for 2022 entry is £4,500. This is an all-inclusive fee.

A deposit of £250 must be paid within two weeks of you receiving your conditional offer for the course, or by Monday 4 April 2022, whichever is sooner.  

All Summer Academic Experience courses are now full and closed for applications.

Course information for summer 2023 will be available on this page by the end of October 2022 when applications will reopen.