Social Science and Humanities

This course is for degree students who are certain they would like to enter the Faculty of Arts but have not yet committed to a single subject. Students will explore a wide range of subjects including International Relations, Philosophy, History and Literature - in the broader sense. For those interested in Arts subjects underpinned by a 'Scottish' theme please see Scottish Studies.

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Subject content

The curriculum for this course explores key concepts and theories in the Faculty of Arts at the University.

Topic examples

  • Critical Security and Terrorism
  • Human Rights Dynamics
  • Old English Heroic Literature
  • Author, Themes and Film Reflexivity
  • Elements of Film language.

These examples are merely a sample and are based on previous years. Topics may change based on the curriculum chosen by the department in any given year.

Academic skills

Aside from the study of specific content, students will learn to improve their academic writing in a Social Science and Humanities context across a range of disciplines, learning to shape arguments and developing an academic writing style, whilst also improving their subject-specific vocabulary.

Learning experience

Students will experience a mixture of lectures, seminars, group work and independent study on this course. University staff and experienced graduate students of the University of St Andrews deliver the lectures.

Additional information

Students will also have the opportunity to investigate some of the research methods used by social scientists.

Course outcomes

Students will receive an official certificate from the University of St Andrews to confirm their successful completion of the course.