Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship

This course allows students to discover what it is like to study Management and Economics at Scotland's most sustainable university, and to consider how businesses of the future could become more sustainable. 

Topic examples

  • The implications of business ethics and CSR in the automobile, banking, energy, fashion, food and mining industries.
  • Critical analysis on the impacts on different stakeholders.
  • Human rights and multi-national organisations. 
  • Women entrepreneurs around the world. 
  • Marketing and advertising in luxury markets. 
  • Business model regeneration. 

These examples are merely a sample and are based on previous years. Topics may change based on the curriculum chosen by the department in any given year.

Academic skills

Aside from the study of specific content, students will learn to improve their academic writing, learning to shape arguments, improve critical analysis skills and developing an academic writing style, whilst also improving their subject-specific vocabulary.  

Learning experience

Students will experience a mixture of lectures, seminars, group work and independent study on this course. Lecture content is taught by staff of the University of St Andrews. 

Course outcomes

  • Take part in simulated management and business scenarios.
  • Undertake a full business plan and marketing project.
  • Develop vital team-building skills.
  • Enhance presentation skills.
  • Understand the aspects of responsible enterprises. 

Students will receive an official certificate from the University of St Andrews to confirm their successful completion of the course.