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How to sort outgoing departmental mail

Please help us to provide you with a fast and efficient mail service by following these useful steps when preparing your internal and outgoing mail.

Internal mail

How to sort internal mail

  • Sort by size and then band together.
  • Address clearly as below.


Outgoing mail

Mail for franking

How to sort outgoing mail

  • Separate Classes and sort by size.
  • Band each class separately.
  • Write the service required (1st or 2nd class/Recorded/Special Delivery/Airsure/Interational Singned For).
  • Address the envelopes clearly and include the postcode.

For international mail, affix a Blue Airmail sticker onto the envelope in the top left-hand corner or write Airmail instead.

Airmail sent out from the University no longer needs to be separated into Europe and rest of the world.
This is part of the special Priority service provided to the University by Royal Mail.

For any mail requiring special service (Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery, etc) a record is kept in the mailroom of the address and ID number for tracking purposes.

Bulk Mailing

Two days notice must be given to the Mail Room before any outgoing bulk mailings. Please mark the boxes/mail-sacks clearly with the account number to be charged and how you want the mail sent i.e. 1st, 2nd, Airmail etc. Please separate by size and Class.

Stamped Mail

How to sort stamped mail

  • Sort largest envelopes to the back and smallest to the front. Then band together.
  • Make sure a blue Airmail sticker is attached or Airmail is written on the letter.
  • Forwarded mail.
  • Business replies/prepaid envelopes.

For international mail, please include the name of the country (some countries require a green Customs form).

Forwarding mail

How to forward mail

  • When forwarding mail make sure that the recipient's name is still clearly visible after you have covered the old address.
  • Mail that is from outside the UK can be forwarded back out of the UK.
  • Mail from the UK cannot be forwarded outside the UK without charging your account.

UK parcel

How to sort UK parcels

  • Write the UK service you require here eg 48hr, 24hr, 12noon, 10am or 9am.
  • Address the parcel clearly as below.


International parcels

How to sort international parcels

  • Write the service you require eg International Data Post, Euro 48.
  • Make sure that the Parcel Force World Wide document is filled out and attached to the parcel.
  • Address the parcel clearly on two sides.


Mail Room

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