Supervision Groups


MMS makes use of a specialist group type, supervision groups, to organize students and their supervision and review teams. Supervision groups can be viewed on the 'Supervision Groups’ tab on the RESEARCH module overview (as in Figure 1). Reviewers MUST be added to the supervision group corresponding to their reviewee before they can create a review for that student. Reviewers should be added to supervision groups by the academic unit, and can be added by users with module level roles such as ‘Module Coordinator’ and ‘Module Administrator’, as well as unit level roles such as ‘Unit Administrator’.

Supervisors and second supervisors will be automatically imported from the Registry database (SITS). To update the supervisor or second supervisor for a student please complete the ‘Change of Supervisor Request’ form, and email it to

Figure 1: PGR Supervision Groups on RESEARCH module overview

Supervision Groups – Adding users

To manually add a reviewer, or other staff member, to a supervision group:

  • Click module title to access the RESEARCH module overview
  • Select the ‘Staff’ tab
  • In the search box directly under 'Add staff to module', enter the name or username of a staff member and then click on their name in order to select them.
  • Select the relevant role (e.g. "Reviewer") in the 'Role' drop-down list.
  • Select the relevant supervision group in the 'Group' drop-down list.
  • Click the green "Add" button to save.

The user assignment record (i.e. row displaying the staff member, their role and the supervision group to which they have been assigned) will now appear in the main table. The staff member will now also be displayed in the relevant supervision group on the 'Supervision Groups' tab. The table can also be filtered by entering text into the text filter box (e.g. entering the name of a particular supervision group will display all staff in that group).