MMS and Microsoft Teams


MMS can be used to create a Microsoft Team. This will sync the module in MMS to the Team, so that student and staff list will be auto-populated and maintained in the Teams site.

This guide will cover:

Teams can be created at any point after the module has been activated or rolled over and students and staff will be passed from MMS to Teams as they are advised and/or added to the module.

Creating Teams

To create a Microsoft Team via MMS:

  1. Log into MMS:
  2. Locate the module by scrolling down the Modules page, or using the Search functionality at the top right of the modules page.
  3. Click the module title to view the Module Overview
  4. Scroll down to the Teams section of the module overview
  5. Click the Create Teams button (see Figure 1)

Figure 1: Example Module Overview page showing Create Teams button


Add yourself to a Team

Most module level staff, along with students on the module, will be automatically imported into the Team, however, if you have access to a module but are not added to a Team (e.g. computing officer, DoT), you can add yourself by:

  1. Access the Module Overview
  2. Scroll down to the Teams section of the module overview
  3. Click the Include me on Teams button (see Figure 2)

Figure 2: Moodle & Teams section of Module overview after a Team has been created


Auto Create Channels

MMS can automatically create a channel per Tutorial group in Teams under certain conditions:

  • The module only has one group type (usually the default ‘Tutorial’ group type), unfortunately, at the moment, we are not able to create channels if there is more than one group type.
  • The channels created will be normal channels, not private channels, and will be named after the groups.

To have MMS create Channels:

  1. Create the groups (guidance on groups can be found here: MMS Groups Guide)
  2. Access the Module Overview by clicking the module title.
  3. Scroll down to below the Module details to the Teams section.
  4. Click the Create One Channel per tutorial group button (see Figure 2).


  • It may take up to an hour for Teams to create the channels.
  • The channels that are created are public (available to the whole team), not private, and all students on the Team have access to all channels - this is because Teams only lets named individuals create private channels so it cannot be done automatically by MMS.
  • If the button does not appear it is either because there is more than one group type, or channels have already been created.