Digitised Readings in MMS

‌What are Digitised Readings?

Digitised Readings, also known as CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) material, refers to files generated by scanning or photocopying portions of certain books, journal and magazines published in the UK and some other countries for education purposes. As the original material is controlled by copyright laws, so to are any scans. The use of such files is controlled by the CLA. It is important under the terms of the licence that the upload of digitised extracts is solely undertaken by designated Library staff: teaching staff may not upload pdfs of scanned extracts from books to MMS or Moodle themselves.

You can find more information on what can be scanned in the Copyright overview, and any queries can be directed to the Short Loan department in the library or the Library Liason Officer / Copyright Officer for your school.

Using Digitised Readings

From this summer (2014), digitised readings will instead be made available through the Library’s Online Reading List system. As well as making it much more straightforward for students to access readings, teaching staff can now place requests to have material scanned using a simple online form.

It is very important that digistised reading is handled though the autherised system as the University has to report detailed logs of use to the CLA. If you would like to use digitised readings for your module(s), please email readinglists@st-andrews.ac.uk with the following information:

  • which scans need to be rolled over to the new platform (this will not be done automatically).
  • if you need access to the Online Reading List for your module to place requests for new digitisations; OR
  • send us details of chapters/articles you wish to have digitised (see the copyright overview).

Links from MMS or Moodle?

Both MMS and Moodle already provide links to reading lists so you will not need to add more links. In MMS the links to the reading lists for a module are listed on the Module Overview, just below the tabs. The overview page for a module can be found by clicking on a module title wherever you see it in MMS. In Moodle most courses will have a block in the top left entitled 'Reading Lists', that will list the same links.

Scans from previous years

In previous years scans were uploaded to MMS by the library, these scans have been removed from academic years prior to 2013/4 and will be removed from the 2013/4 academic year once all modules have ended. As with all academic years the CLA material has not been moved to the next academic year so 2014/5 modules should not have any CLA material. If you locate any please contact the MMS team by emailing service desk at itservicedesk@st-andrews.ac.uk and we will remove it. Scans from previous years should not be used in the current academic year as usage information will no longer be collected from MMS.