MMS Student Guides

The Module Management System (MMS) is used throughout the University of St Andrews by many different types of users. We have tried to create guides tailored to our larger user groups. The guides in this section are designed to be applicable for Undergraduate, Postgrad taught and Postgrad Research students. Please click the links below.


The Coursework tool in MMS is used to submit coursework and receive grades and feedback.

Online Class Test tool

The Online Class tool is a new tool in MMS that allow students to access their online class test papers and submit class test scripts.

Online Exam tool

The Online Exam tool is a new tool in MMS that allow students to access their online exam papers and submit exam scripts based on their personal exam timetable. Guidance on how to prepare for an exam and how to prepare a script for upload can be found on the University of St Andrews Exams pages.


Students on a module are often split into smaller groups, for example Tutorial Groups.

Research Postgraduate Guides

Students undertaking postgraduate research degrees (PGR) degrees have slightly different administrative needs than those taking taught courses. To cater for these needs, each PGR student will find a research module in MMS, with an associated Postgraduate Administration tool. This tool allows students to: