AV support

IT Services maintain the audio-visual (AV) equipment in centrally bookable rooms. Check the room booking system to see what equipment is in each lecture theatre or seminar room.
Contact the IT Service Desk to request help when setting up your teaching or meeting room. 
If you're hosting an event at the University, IT Services can provide and set up the equipment you need. This service is open to anyone. See AV support for conferences and events

Display media on the projector

  • Use the controller to choose what you'd like to display on the projector


In most rooms, you'll find one or a combination of the following:

  • a lectern or podium mic, which is static and sits on the podium
  • a handheld mic
  • a lapel mic, which you can clip onto your clothes
  • a shotgun mic

Switch the mic on

  • The lectern mic has an On switch which turns red when the mic is live.
  • The handheld and lapel mic switch on when you remove them from the charger. When the light on the mic turns green, it's live.

When you're finished, turn off the mic and put it back on charge.