It is expected that each School/Unit will undertake specific inspections of their workplace, identify failings and ensure that appropriate remedial actions are then undertaken. It is also a requirement to ensure that all the appropriate documentation is in place and signed by workers and managers.

Guidance on undertaking inspections can be found at  Workplace Inspection Guidance (PDF, 207 KB). It is vital that a suitable checklist is used during the inspection which relates to the work activity being inspected. Any failings identified during the inspection should be recorded and an ‘Action Plan’ implemented to ensure that redial actions are undertaken:

  • Identifies the failing
  • Gives a unique number to the failing
  • Identifies who should undertake the remedial actions
  • A timescale for the remedial actions (such a timescale has to be reasonable for the complexity of the work)
  • A finishing date which shows when the actions were completed

It is vital that a good record is kept of such inspection Action Plan as one of the KPIs will be the measure of the number of such recommendations being completed.



(Updated 07/03/2021)