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Occupational Health Service


If you are currently at work or working from home and have any health concerns in regard to coronavirus, please email Janey Watt from Occupational Health ( with your name, occupation and mobile number. Janey Watt will return your call as soon as possible. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact your manager with these details and this will be forwarded on.

Washing Hands

The Role of the Occupational Health Service

Occupational Health is an advisory service and provides a wide range of services to protect the health of staff at work.  The role of Occupational Health is to provide impartial advice and support to all staff.  The Occupational Health Service is part of Environmental, Health and Safety Services, and is located on the Ground Floor of the Bute Building, Queens Terrace.

Janey Watt is the full time Occupational Health Adviser at the Unit. Geraldine Gillespie is the Occupational Health Technician and Wellbeing Adviser. Julie Ramage is Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. Katy McGrory is the Occupational Health Administrator.


To contact Janey Watt please either phone directly on extension 2752, if Janey has a consultation her phone will be on divert to the administrator on extension 2750.  Alternatively email addresses are or

Lifestyle Assessments

Occupational Health would like to provide staff the opportunity to engage in improving their own health by offering health and wellbeing interventions.  The program is tailored to the individual's health needs and lifestyle activities, including:

  • Health Assessments consisting of blood pressure monitoring, height, weight and body fat measurements
  • Support with exercise including base line aerobic assessments and advice on nutrition

We are also keen to develop new and innovative ways to enhance employee health and wellbeing and work collaboratively with the Sports Centre and the Wellbeing and Engagement Group and would welcome suggestions on health initiatives from all staff.

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is designed to identify and assess the potential risk from health hazards in the workplace.  This will take the form of periodic screening and / or examination of individuals who may be exposed to potentially harmful substances or physical hazards which may affect their health.  Health Surveillance establishes a base line health status from which to monitor change and measure the effectiveness of the control measures in place.  Advice and guidance will be given in accordance to the health surveillance results.  The Health Surveillance policy is currently under review.

Health Assessment

This is an assessment which can be undertaken as part of an employee's general fitness or fitness to work and can include Health Assessments for Night Workers, Pregnant Women, medicals for Drivers or as part of an assessment on returning to work following illness or injury.

If health problems are identified in the assessment, advice regarding any reasonable adjustment that could be made to allow an individual to work is communicated to management with the employee's consent.

Management Referral

After discussion and agreement with a member of staff, managers can refer staff via Human Resources for assessment and advice.  The aim of the Occupational Health intervention is to support the promotion of a healthy workforce, maximise attendance and reduce ill health by providing advice and support, recommending any reasonable adjustments that might be required to enable the employee to return to work in a safe and healthy manner.

The manager or Human Resources Officer should discuss the referral with the employee, explaining the reason for the referral.  The referral form will contain all the relevant information along with questions to be answered by Occupational Health following the consultation.

 In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council Guidance, Occupational Health will complete a report with the employee's consent outlining an opinion on fitness to work and any reasonable adjustments required.  The employee has a right to review the report first prior to consenting it's release to their Human Resources Officer and Management.  The referral process is undertaken when:

  • Sickness absenteeism is identified as a cause of concern
  • Managers require advice regarding management of a health condition within the workplace
  • There are concerns regarding performance which may be health related

Detailed information is in the Sickness Absence Policy available from Human Resources.  Reports regarding the likely length of absence, or any adjustments that could be taken to allow a person to return to work etc are sent to both Human Resources and the individual's Manager.  N.B. Confidential medical information is only divulged with the consent of the member of staff concerned.

Modified Duties / Phased Return

Occasionally an employee is fit to return to work however not to undertake his / her full duties.  Following an assessment Occupational Health will advise on any phased return or reasonable adjustments required.  With the employee's consent Occupational Health will recommend any modifications necessary.  The employee will be assessed on a regular basis until fit to return to full duties.

Self Referral

Any member of staff can refer themselves to Occupational Health for confidential health advice.  However, the Unit is not a treatment service nor can it deal with any medical emergency.  The above activities are not the only activities undertaken.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Unit if you require more information.

Mental Wellbeing

Occupational Health will work with staff and managers in order to both identify and support staff members who are suffering from mental wellbeing issues.

Work-life balance when working from home.

Work-based stress: a guide for managers.


The Unit offers training to other Schools / Units / Residences on a variety of health related topics such as Well Man, Well Woman and Healthy Heart Sessions.  If there are any particular health topics that staff members would like information on then we would welcome suggestions.

Janey Watt
Occupational Health Adviser


Occupational Health Adviser: Janey Watt

Environmental, Health and Safety Services,
Bute Building, Queens Terrace
St Andrews
KY16 9TS
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1334 462750 OR +44 (0)1334 462752