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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training

(Updated January 2021)

Environmental Health and Safety Services provide a wide variety of health and safety  training. This training can be specific for Schools/Units/Residences or can be specilaised training (for example in biosafety procedures) only for relevant members of staff. We also provide a wide variety of electronic training using the University's Moodle computer platform.

If you wish to arrange specific 'Face to Face' training you should contact the University's Health and Safety (Training) Officer Dr Christine Linton (e-mail:  or phone: +44 (0)1334 46 2789).

Electronic Health and Safety Training Packages

The University runs a variety of health and safety training computer packages. Most of these packages can be found on the Essential Skillz Programme. Some of the more specialised programmes can be found on the EHSS  Moodle site


The induction programme for staff returning to work after the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here

 The general health and safetyt policy and guidance can be found below:


The following are specific health and safety training programmes which is available to saff


Accident Reporting and Investigation



Display Screen Equipment

Essential Skillz Training Programme (2020)

This is a suite of training videos with a series of tests to show you have understood the content. You will be contacted by the system to determine which training you will be required to undertake.

Evacuation Chairs - Safe Use


Fire Safety

Incident/Accident Reporting and Ivestigation

Laser Safety

Manual Handling Operations

Radiation Protection

Risk Assessment - General

Safety Co-Ordinator - List of Safety Co-ordinators

Safety Co-ordinator Training

Travel Abroad abd Fieldwork Guidance

Worklife Balance and Managing Workplace Stress for Working from Home (During Coronavirus Shutdown)

The following are two videos on managing work life balance when working from home and managing stress in workers for managers.

Health and Safety Induction Programmes



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