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You may self-refer to Occupational Health if you wish to discuss any area of your health that is affecting your work or equally if your work is negatively impacting on your health. The consultation is confidential, and as such no information is forwarded to your manager unless you wish us to do so. We will advise you on how best to manage the situation and where clinically indicated we may recommend an onward referral to specialised services such as counselling or physiotherapy. These services are funded by Occupational Health.

Common reasons for Self-Referral

  • Bereavement.
  • Relationship or family issues.
  • Muscular skeletal pain that prevents you from carrying out your job.
  • Stress and Anxiety

Appointments at Occupational Health can be booked during your working day and we would advise you to inform your manager that you are attending Occupational Health. Although you do not need to disclose any medical details, we would recommend that you consider discussing the reason for the self-referral as your manager may be able to resolve the problem for you without any Occupational Health involvement.

How to book an appointment

Initial contact should be through our Occupational Health Administrator. The administrator will ask you for some basic details of why you wish an appointment. This is to ensure you are reviewed and supported by the most appropriate member of the team. Contact can be made either by phone on 01334 462750 or by emailing Occupational Health

We will aim to give you the first available appointment, however the waiting time may vary depending on who will be managing your health concern. If you feel your health condition is urgent, please convey this to the administrator who will discuss your concerns with a member of the team who may be able to prioritise your request. A meeting request will be sent electronically. If you have a shared diary and do not wish confirmation, please let us know. Occupational Health will request your mobile number so that a text reminder will be sent to your mobile the day prior to your appointment. 

Appointment times

The majority of our appointments are 45 minutes long as this allows us time to discuss your health concern in detail and to advice you with appropriate recommendations or undertake onward referrals.

There is no expectation that any report will be forwarded to your manager. If you feel you may need your manager to be updated, then it would be best to discuss your manager undertaking a Management Referral so that we can with your consent forward a report outlining the reasonable adjustments recommended by Occupational Health.

What to expect at your appointment?

At every review we will outline confidentiality. The review will give you an opportunity to discuss your health concerns, we will take notes of the conversation and then determine how best to support you. Onward referrals, with your agreement may be undertaken where clinically appropriate. If you require longer term support, we will offer you the next appointment at the end of review.