Health and Safety Audits

Periodic reviews of the processes being undertaken within a School/Unit will be undertaken to determine how well they comply with the HSG65 arrangements as described in Figure 1. Thus documentation will be reviewed to see how each part of HSG65 is being implemented (or not as the case may be). There will also be an inspection of the workplace to determine

  • how work is being carried out
  • what risk assessments are in place and are they suitable and sufficient
  • what actions workers are taking with respect to the controls identified in the risk assessment
  • what activities are being undertaken without a risk assessment
  • what inspections have been done and when remedial actions have been completed
  • what KPIs are being met
  • what strengths are in place in the local health and safety management system
  • where there are weaknesses in the health and safety management
  • what improvements can be made in the health and safety to maintain continuous improvement in standards
  • ensure that all the appropriate documentation is in place and signed by workers and managers.

Audits can be carried out by internal auditors (from EHSS) or by external companies/organisations. The audit is a measure of compliance with the management system as shown in Figure 1. It is therefore vital that all School/Units have in place arrangements for meeting each of these sections and sub-sections of HSG65.

The audit will show how well a School/Unit is complying with the University health and safety policy as well how well it is improving health and safety standards.


(Updated 07/03/2021)