Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

When accidents, incidents and near misses occur it shows that the controls being implemented for the activities have failed or are not adequate. It is therefore vital that such situations are investigated with suitable recommendations to ensure such incidents do not happen again. These recommendations should then be incorporated into the the Plan, Do, Check, Act system of HSG65.

This will also involve the use of such incident statistics to show the types of incidents which are occurring, where they are happening, when they are happening etc. This data can be for specific Schools/Units or for the University. This again shows where systems have failed and thus can be fed back into the management system so that there is a continuous improvement in health and safety


University Wide Statistics on the Types Of Incidents Reported to EHSS

Types of Incidents at the University of St Andrews - 2020

Types of Incidents at the University of St Andrews - 2019

(Updated 15/03/2021)