Cost of living

Like many countries, the United Kingdom is currently affected by inflationary pressures which have impacted the cost of living.

The University and the Students’ Association cannot solve the current economic crisis, but there are steps we can take as institutions, and as one community, to provide practical support, targeted financial help, and information where it is most needed.

Below provides information on the range of support available from the University, as well as advice and help on offer in these difficult times.


Financial support

Money advice team

Our money advice team in student services are experts on helping students access financial advice and support.

You can contact them at, by phone 01334 462720 or in person at the Advice and Support Centre.

Discretionary funds

Discretionary funds exist to support students with living and study costs.

It is not charity or a handout, but one of the ways in which St Andrews tries to ensure all our students can fulfil their potential.

You can apply for funding whenever you need it, and as many times as may be necessary.

Bus travel discount

The University has negotiated a special deal with Stagecoach to offer a 75% discount on weekly and monthly bus tickets across St Andrews, North-East Fife, and East Scotland. Staff and students can access tickets by scanning a QR code to link their Stagecoach account to the scheme.

Since its launch in November 2022, the discount travel scheme has already saved staff and students more than £29,000 collectively.

You can find out how to get on board and start saving by following the simple instructions online. Additional information on sustainable travel can be found on the Transitions website which includes details on rail travel discounts, lift share schemes and cycling to St Andrews.

Students are reminded to apply for a Young Scot card which gives those under 22 years old free national bus travel across Scotland.

Students’ Association Cost of Living Guide

The Students’ Association have produced and extensive Cost of Living Guide to support students in these difficult times.

The guide covers areas from explaining the crisis, money and benefits, food and drink, and provision for families and carers. Much of the guide focuses on support for students specifically (after all, we are the Students’ Association!) however there is plenty of content which could apply to anyone in the wider community.

Warm spaces

We have developed an interactive map of our estate to show available communal warm spaces and their opening times so that members of our community know what is open and when:

  • communal social and study spaces
  • shower rooms
  • cafés
  • communal kitchen

We will update this as more spaces are available over the semester.

The Students’ Association Cost of Living Guide also provides details of warm spaces across North-East Fife and Dundee that students can make use of.

Food discounts

All cafés in university buildings are now offering a subsidised 50% discount on hot and cold meal deals.

The University’s Accommodation Conferences and Events team (ACE) are also investigating several low cost/free meal options including “Breakfast in a Bag” offering free fruit and porridge, and a “Take it Away, Eat Today” option offering free food which is at or close to its use-by date.

We will update this page as we expand our discounts throughout the semester.

Student Employment

The Careers Centre provides details of various resources, bursaries, and support available relating to employment, including part-time work and internships, and we are exploring additional drop-in or information sessions relating to securing part-time work.

Some roles within the University will be open to students. These vacancies may be advertised through CareerConnect. You can also register to receive regular email alerts via the University of St Andrews recruitment website.

Other opportunities and funding available to students include:

Scholarships and bursaries

We are reviewing our existing scholarship and bursary provision to ensure, where possible, that these awards recognise increases in the cost of living, and changes in student circumstances during the academic year.

Full details of current scholarships and bursaries and how to apply can be found online.

Suggestions and feedback

Please share your ideas on what the University can do to address the cost of living crisis for members of our community.

We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can work together for our community during these difficult times.

Please add suggestions and feedback to this online form.