Part-time local jobs

The Careers Centre can help you find part-time jobs in St Andrews and surrounding areas that will fit alongside your studies.

The Careers Centre advertises part-time jobs from a wide range of local employers. These include shops, cafes, hotels, charities, members of the community, and the University itself. Opportunities are varied, including hospitality, retail, tutoring, IT assistance, fundraising, and more.

When looking for part-time work, you should be aware of the guidelines about the National Minimum Wage and carefully consider how much time you can spare. The Careers Centre recommends that you work no more than 20 hours a week during term-time so that you don’t risk falling behind in your studies.

If you are an international student on a visa, see the working in the UK page for information on how many hours you are legally allowed to work or volunteer. 

How to find part-time work

Part-time jobs are advertised on CareerConnect in the 'Vacancies' section under 'Look Local'. You can customise your CareerConnect profile to receive regular email alerts about new opportunities that interest you.

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You can also find part-time jobs on IndeedTotaljobs and Reed.

It may be worth sending a copy of your CV to local employers, especially those in the hospitality and retail sector, to see if they have any part-time opportunities available. For help with writing a CV, see the CV advice page or book an appointment to see a CV adviser.

You could also consider applying for the St Andrews Student Ambassador Scheme. Applications usually open in September each year.

National Insurance numbers

A National Insurance number is required to work in the UK.

UK residents are given a number automatically at the age of 16. However, European or international students will not have this number, so will need to apply for one. For advice on how to do this, see the UK Government’s apply for a National Insurance number page.

You can start work before your National Insurance number arrives if you can prove you can work in the UK. You should tell your employer that you’ve applied for one and give it to them when it becomes available.

Money matters, tax and budgeting

If you are having difficulties with your finances, the University can help you. Contact the University's Money Adviser in Student Services by emailing