University of St Andrews alumni are incredibly important to the St Andrews community. The Careers Centre recognises the impact your work has globally and relishes how enthusiastic you are about staying connected with the University.

The information below explains how the Careers Centre can best support you. It also gives some suggestions about how you can connect with current St Andrews students and your fellow alumni.

Graduating students walking along North Street

Want to get involved?

There has never been a better time to connect with both your fellow alumni and current St Andrews students. One of the best ways of doing this is to join Saint Connect, the University of St Andrews’ exclusive, global, online community for networking and career mentoring. 

In addition, you could:

Beyond this, please contact if you have time to offer a careers talk, industry insight, challenging business game or are enthusiastic to help St Andrews students in general. The Careers Centre will be delighted to explore ideas with you further.

Need help?

The Careers Centre is committed to supporting you as you take your next steps after graduation. For up to three years after graduation (see the Careers Centre’s Statement of Service policy). You can access the Careers Centre’s resources to help you achieve your goals and progress your career. This includes being able to:

In addition, regardless of how long it has been since you graduated, you can explore the Careers Centre’s website, including sections on finding a career, applying for a job or internship, and searching for jobs.

Like to know what's going on?

Ensure you keep your contact details up to date to receive an exclusive newsletter and stay informed about upcoming alumni networking events in your area. 

You could also consider joining the University of St Andrews alumni LinkedIn group, with over 12,000 alumni from all over the globe.

Graduate Outcomes survey

Fifteen months after you graduate, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) will contact you about the Graduate Outcomes survey.

This survey is used to find out how St Andrews graduates’ careers are progressing once they have left the University. The survey is vital to how the University shapes its services, as well as how the University is perceived globally.

Taking the survey is optional, but there are several reasons you might want to take part:

  • The survey aims to find out your activities and views, which can shape the courses offered at the University and help future students make choices about their education.
  • The survey allows policymakers, charities, journalists and researchers to understand the higher education sector and the graduate labour market, which can help the University’s growing alumni community.
  • The results of the survey attract graduate recruiters and impact student recruitment to the University, through their contribution towards league table rankings.

For more details about the survey, see the Graduate Outcomes website.

How to take part

If you would like to take part, please ensure the University has the right contact details for you. The University will share your contact details with HESA so that they can get in touch about the survey. Your email is most important, but contact numbers and an address are also useful.

What you will be asked

You will be asked questions about what you are doing 15 months after graduation. This includes:

  • your employment status (whether you’re employed, self-employed, developing your portfolio, or undertaking further study)
  • your wellbeing
  • whether you believe your previous study at St Andrews has positively contributed towards your career plans.

Please give as much information as possible, especially about your current job title and duties where relevant. 

How your information will be used

HESA has published a student collection notice to provide guidance about how your information will be used.