Internships and employability experiences

Internships are a great way to support you on your career journey and help you explore different career paths. They can also develop your networks and give you the necessary knowledge to make your career goals happen. 

The Careers Centre can offer you:

  • advice and guidance on how to research and pursue internships
  • unique employability opportunities at every stage of your university journey
  • access to apply to internships and other work experience opportunities
  • formal recognition of work experience you have undertaken, where possible
  • support with applying to internships in the UK and internationally.


Current opportunities

  1. Volunteer Tutor

  2. Digital Marketing Intern

  3. Spring and Summer Vacation Scheme 2023

  4. Education Officer at Bright Green Hydrogen

  5. UNIQ+ Research Internship

  6. Internship Opportunity - Energy & Chemicals

  7. Aladdin Wealth Technology, Summer Internship Program - EMEA

  8. Events Staff

  9. Drone Hub Operator - Flexible opportunity - get paid to travel and fly drones!

  10. Global Studies Intern

  11. Gillette Mechanical Engineer Internship

  12. Gillette Electrical Design Internship

  13. Gillette Packing Engineer Internship

  14. Gillette Moulding Engineer Internship

  15. Research & Development Summer Internship - Newcastle upon Tyne, Reading

  16. Engineering (Manufacturing) Summer Internship

  17. Finance & Accounting Summer Internship

  18. Human Resources Summer Internship

  19. Sales Summer Internship - Weybridge, Harrogate, London

  20. HR & Leadership Development Intern

  21. Supply Chain Intern

  22. View all opportunities