Finding opportunities

Whatever sector you want to explore, researching potential opportunities is a really important stage to help you secure something appropriate.

Here are some ideas for where to look for your next employability experience:  

UK wide 

  • Career Connect enables you to search for part-time jobs, internships and graduate opportunities.
  • The St Andrews Internship Programme holds information about opportunities delivered across the university professional units.
  • The Careers Centre website also has guidance which includes advice for where to look for internships within specific sectors.  
  • Internships are advertised on the websites of organisations and professional bodies  
  • BrightNetwork and TargetJobs make searching easier by advertising a wide range of opportunities.  
  • Forage is a site for virtual internships, sometimes a good first step.  
  • Research internships (such as St Andrews Research Internship Scheme and LaidLaw) are sometimes advertised internally in academic schools or on funding body websites.  
  • Leonard Cheshire Change 100 Programme is for talented students and graduates with disabilities or long-term conditions.
  • Attending events eg careers fairs enable you to speak directly to employers about their internship opportunities.  A lot of events are online now which may make them easier to access.
  • Stay up to date with the latest careers news and events by following us on social media.

International opportunities

Our Jobs outside the UK  page has lots of great advice, information and resources to help you find international opportunities.