Supporting documentation for internships

If you are planning to undertake an internship in Europe, the Careers Centre can provide you with documentation you may legally require.

Convention de Stage

Students who wish to undertake an internship in France are required by French law to have a Convention de Stage (French for 'internship agreement’). Some organisations in other European countries may also ask students to complete a Convention de Stage or similar agreement (a Tripartite agreement or Convenio De Colaboración being the most common) before starting an internship.

The Convention de Stage is a three-part agreement which must be signed by you, the internship provider, and the University of St Andrews. It states:

  • the dates of the internship
  • the general tasks of the intern
  • that the internship is supported by the University.

It must be completed in both French and English.


Convention de Stages are available for current, fully enrolled students, who start their internship before graduation.

The University cannot sign Convention de Stages for individuals who have completed their course of study and are arranging an internship in a personal capacity.

How to request and complete a Convention de Stage

You should request a blank Convention de Stage by emailing at least one month before the start date of your internship (which you should already have set up). Failure to do so may risk the document not being available before you start your internship.

You and the internship provider should then complete and sign your sections of the document, and return it to The Convention de Stage will then be signed on behalf of the Careers Centre, University of St Andrews.

The Careers Centre requires you to allow ten days for the document to be signed and returned.

Once complete, the Careers Centre will circulate a copy of the Convention de Stage to all parties.

Insurance cover

Ensure you have personal and health insurance in place before working abroad. You will not be covered by the University’s insurance policy.