Internship Experience Certificate

The Careers Centre offers an Internship Experience Certificate (IEC) which recognises students who have undertaken professional-level work experience. 

To gain the IEC, you must have undertaken work through a structured programme in any industry or organisation. This could take place anywhere in the world, but must last for a minimum of four weeks (paid or unpaid). Remote work experience also counts towards an IEC.

Benefits of the IEC include:

  • official recognition from the University of St Andrews and a record of your achievement on your academic transcript
  • a great opportunity to reflect on your work experience
  • a chance to inspire other students who are interested in internships and provide an insight into what can be achieved.


The Careers Centre currently offers the IEC to undergraduates only.

If an internship is part of your studies, the Careers Centre is not able to recognise it through the IEC.

How to request a certificate

Once you have completed relevant work experience, fill out the work experience form.

When completing the form, you should provide evidence of how the work experience has helped you develop your career seeking and employability skills. If your form meets these requirements, the Careers Centre will arrange for the IEC to appear on your academic transcript.

If you have undertaken an external internship, please also send a letter or certificate of completion document from the employer or organisation to

Although you can complete the work experience form at any time during the year, final-year students should submit one by the end of March so the IEC can be added to your academic transcript before you graduate in June.

The IEC can only be awarded once, but there is no limit to the amount of work experience case studies you can submit.

Supporting documentation for employers

When an employer or organisation requests formal support from the University for a prospective internship, the Careers Centre can provide students with supporting documentation, such as a Convention de Stage or Letter of Support. For further information, see the supporting documentation page.

By accepting supporting documentation from the University, we encourage you to provide the Careers Centre with a suitable work experience form once you have completed your internship.