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Sustainable travel

Most people in St Andrews move around by foot or bike. We want to do our part to support this way of sustainable travel. We work with cycling and car share schemes, while happily sharing tips of moving by foot and public transport.

Active Travel Champions, St Andrews brings together and celebrates the power of collective local action for active and sustainable travel solutions across our communities.

Learn more about our collective action for sustainable travel, join the Active Travel Champion group.


Walking is good for the environment and our health, and it is a great way to socialise and explore St Andrews. Some walking initiatives are:

  • Wee Walk Once a Week (WWOW), a 30-minute lunch walk for staff, by staff. The sessions help you meet colleagues, take a break from work, and enjoy the fresh air and the scenery of St Andrews. 
  • Mental health walks are arranged by Transition student volunteers to break isolation. More important than ever during the pandemic, these walks are for you to explore nature, get a break, and talk to someone. 

To get out and about, Ramblers have gathered their favourite walking routes for us. Can you do all eight in one semester?

Map of St Andrews pointing out eight public walking paths


Cycling enables us to explore the surroundings of St Andrews. Cycle to Tentsmuir Forest, Falkland or along River Tay to Newburgh. We want to make it easier for you to bike. You can: 

  • Rent a bike through BikePool. BikePool refurbishes old bikes and rents them to students and locals for an affordable price. They also run Fix It sessions to keep your bike in shape.  
  • Join the E-bike scheme. Staff can borrow an e-bike for free for up to 24 hours. 
  • Light up your bike. Transition sells lights during the darker months to help you stay safe. For more information, contact
  • Join our monthly Bike to Work Breakfasts. The breakfasts are free, open for locals, staff and postgraduate students, and are a good way to meet new people.    

Cycle to work staff scheme

The University supports staff to travel to work in a more healthy and active way. Cycle to Work (PDF) is a salary sacrifice scheme which provides an Income Tax and National Insurance efficient way to pay towards the hire and eventual ownership of a bike (and associated cycling equipment) up to the value of £2,500. This is repayable to the University over a period between 12 and 24 months.

How it works:

  • Find your local bike shop and the bike with the cycling equipment you want to buy via Greener Commute.
  • Email HR Salaries at Put "Cycle to work eligibility check" in the subject line. State your staff ID (number on your ID card), the total amount you want to spend on bike and cycling equipments, and the duration of repayment (12 or 24 months) in the email. 
  • Salaries will receive notification of the application and will check your eligibility. 
  • Once approval has been made, Salaries will confirm eligibility and provide you with an employer code to purchase the items.
  • Login to the scheme, enter the code, submit details of your bike request and select the shop you want to purchase from.
  • Greener Commute will then send you the Hire Agreement for electronic signature via E-Sign.
  • Greener Commute will email you a voucher that should be presented to the bike shop to collect your purchases.

For further information see our Cycle to work FAQ's (Word)


Cleaner, cheaper and quicker – public transport has many benefits. From St Andrews, the railway and buses take you to Scotland and the rest of UK: whether to the Highlands or cities like London and Glasgow. Plan your travel by:

Interested in getting involved? Campaign for reopening the railway along East Neuk. The railway would improve sustainable commuting between Edinburgh, Crail, St Andrews and Dundee and make our roads quiet and less busy. 


Save time, money and the environment – the University's lift share scheme has many benefits (due to the Scottish Government's guidelines on Covid-19, the lift share scheme is currently on hold). You can save up to £1,000 in fuel costs and emit significantly less emissions by doing a lift share. 

The University priotises parking for staff sharing vehicles to work. At Eden Campus, the parking spaces closest to the entrance are dedicated for shared vehicles, and we are looking to expand this initiative to the town of St Andrews. 

Get involved

You can be a part of the initiatives supporting sustainable travel.