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The University of St Andrews works both top-down and bottom-up, with ambitious governance and the student voice, to become more sustainable. 

The Environment Team

The Environment Team is a part of the University's Estates department and works top-down to ensure that the University operates sustainably. The Environment Team is responsible for:

  • Carbon Management Plan
  • Climate Adaptation Plan
  • Circular Economy Plan
  • energy and water
  • food
  • travel
  • biodiversity
  • student and staff engagement.

For all enquiries relating to the Environment Team or sustainability, please contact

Transition University of St Andrews

The Transition team works bottom-up with students, staff and local residents to make St Andrews a more sustainable community. They lead a range of community initiatives supporting low-carbon living in town: 

  • BikePool
  • The Tree
  • St AndReuse
  • Green Corridors.

For all enquiries to the Transition team, please contact

The Environmental Sustainability Board

The Environmental Sustainability Board (ESB) was formed in February 2020 to accelerate the University's response to environmental change and the climate emergency announced by the Scottish Government and Fife Council. The board advises the University on sustainability and holds it accountable for its performance on behalf of the Planning and Resource Committee (PARC).

The ESB is responsible for the:

  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy
  • Annual Sustainability Report.

For all enquiries concerning the ESB, please contact

Students' Association Environment Subcommittee

The Environment Subcommittee is a part of the Students' Association. The subcommittee represents the student voice of sustainability and works closely with the University on several projects. They are responsible for:

  • Green Week
  • UnEarthMagazine
  • EcoConnect.

For all enquiries to the Environment Subcommittee, please contact