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Get involved

There are several ways to get involved in sustainability at the University of St Andrews. 


COP26 is a global conference hosted by the United Nations in Glasgow 1-12 November 2021 to tackle the climate crisis. This is the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties - hence called COP26 - and a crucial event for countries to come together and to agree global and national targets to tackle the climate crisis. 

The University of St Andrews is a part of the UK-based COP26 Universities Network and ready to contribute to the conference. You can be a part of it too. Check in St Andrews COP26 webpage for information on how to get involved and what contributions you can make as staff or student. 

Student representatives

Students can get involved by becoming representatives for their academic school or hall of residence.

School sustainability representatives are selected in beginning of Martinmas semester. The representatives work with the Environment Team, the Environmental Sustainability Board, and the Students’ Association Environmental Subcommittee to promote sustainability at their academic School. Undergraduate, postgraduates and PhD students can apply for the position, which runs for one academic year. Contact if you are interested in the role. 

Environmental hall representatives work with sustainability in our student halls. They lead the halls in the Interhall Environment Competition by:

  • campaigning for reuse over landfill
  • supporting energy efficient behaviour
  • engaging sustainable choices through events and social media.

Both undergraduates and postgraduates students can apply for the position, which runs for one academic year. Contact your hall committee if you are interested in the role. 

Staff volunteers

Environmental facilitators are staff volunteers supporting environmental change at their workplace. The facilitators receive training in engagement strategies and are encouraged to find innovative solutions for making their unit or department greener. Complete the Environmental Facilitator application form (Word) and contact your line manager if you are interested in the role. 


The University offers a Training in Environmental Sustainability Practice (TESA) module to all students. TESA provides students with practical tools to act more sustainably and make environmentally friendly choices in their day-to-day lives. Be inspired by TESA's Action List (PDF) and Personal Action Plan (PDF)  to make small changes with a big impact. 

Contact if you want to learn more about TESA or have feedback on the module. 

Take action

Other ways to get involved in sustainability at the University of St Andrews:

Work with the Environment Team

Every year, the Environment Team recruit a St Andrews student graduate to be the Sustainability Coordinator of the University. Read the Sustainability Coordinator job description (PDF) and apply. We are looking forward to have you in our team!