Learning in sustainability

Staff and students have access to a range of personal development courses, increasing their learning in sustainability.

Environment Culture (for staff)

How do we start an environment culture in our workplace? This two-hour-long workshop is open for all staff at the University.

Learn about the University’s net-zero ambitions and the use of behaviour-changing tools to become a more sustainable workplace.

The workshop includes break-out rooms to allow you to meet staff from other departments and discuss the boundaries and opportunities for change.

You can sign up for the workshop through PDMS.

Sustainability in the Curriculum (for students and staff)

The University of St Andrews has a Sustainability in the Curriculum committee (SitC). SitC gives students and staff the opportunity to engage with learning and teaching in sustainability. Their work includes:

  • The Sustainability in the Curriculum prize, awarding the year’s most significant module supporting learning in sustainability
  • School maps of sustainability in the curriculum
  • Case studies showcasing sustainable teaching and learning across the institution

Golden Dandelion modules

Modules at St Andrews which excel in teaching environmental sustainability are awarded the Golden Dandelion stamp.

The stamps help students and academic advisers find courses in environmental sustainability. They also highlight the scope of sustainability modules at St Andrews, which range across all academic subjects.

The stamp is awarded to the modules nominated to the Sustainability in the Curriculum Prize and which fulfil the criteria of QAA’s guide on Education for Sustainable Development.

Vertically Integrated Projects (for students)

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) gives students from any discipline and level of study the opportunity to join a research team as part of their degree studies.

There are currently five VIPs focusing on environmental sustainability:

The new St Andrews Forest VIP will be launched in semester 2 of 2022-23.

See the VIP web pages for more information. 

Training in Environmental Sustainability Action (for students)

How do we take action for a sustainable St Andrews? Training in Environmental Sustainability Action (TESA) is an online course for all students at the University. By making TESA accessible for the whole student population as a part of matriculation, we create a springboard for local action with global reach and a sustainable legacy.

You will learn about:

  • climate justice
  • how to get involved in the town’s community gardens
  • where to get hold of a bike
  • ways to be a part of St Andrews circular economy.

Access the course on “my courses” in Moodle. If you have any feedback on the course, please email environment@st-andrews.ac.uk

Carbon Management and Sustainability Curriculum Design

As a part of the St Andrews Forest proposal, students from the Environmental Sustainability Board worked with CEED to launch a certificate course in Carbon Management and Sustainable Curriculum Design in spring 2021.

170 students and staff across all Schools participated in the course. It encouraged students to work together with other disciplines and generations to design 25 new module proposals addressing environmental sustainability. Many of these proposals link to the plans for a new Vertically Integrated Project on the St Andrews Forest.

For more information on the Carbon Management and Sustainability Curriculum Design certificate, please contact ceed@st-andrews.ac.uk