Biodiversity Change in the Anthropocene

We need large amounts of long-term data from ecosystems around the world to be able to
detect how biodiversity is changing. This project tasks students with contributing to the
expansion of the BioTIME database ( This database, which
currently includes over 12 million records, and spans from the late 1800’s to the present, is
used by scientists, conservationists and policy makers. The aim of the BioTIME project is to
expand the database further, specifically aiming to improve both spatial and taxonomic
coverage, with a particular focus on finding data from the Global South.

Students will be supervised by members of the BioTIME team, who will provide workshops
to introduce students to database design and management skills, as well as make the students
become familiar with BioTIME aims and methods. The supervisory team will provide detailed
protocols, as well as dedicated support throughout the project.