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The ECT Group has a broad range of interests in epistemology and cognate fields. As well as an interest in the traditional epistemological questions concerning knowledge, justification, internalism, externalism, and scepticism, members of the group have research interests concerning belief, assertion, norms, reasons, virtue, vice, epistemic injustice, cognitive bias, formal models of knowledge and belief, know-how, trust, entitlement, perception, illusion, self-knowledge, the methodology of epistemology, intuitions, the apriori, dogmatism, contextualism, relativism and epistemic modals.

ECT Seminar: This is a lively and friendly weekly seminar at which members of the group pilot their research, discuss recent work in epistemology, and host talks by visiting speakers. During ‘discussion’ meetings, we discuss a paper selected by a member. Please note that these meetings aren’t talks. You can find our up-to-date programme in the Arché Calendar. We meet each Thursday from 1 to 2.30 pm. If you’d like to attend our meetings, please email Patrick J. Winther-Larsen at pjwl [at] st-andrews [dot] ac [dot] uk.

ECT Programme Spring ’24 (incomplete)

04/04 Paul Conlan (University of St Andrews)
11/04 (Cancelled due to conflicting event – Workshop: Proofs, Rules, and Meanings)
18/04 Discussion: “Inquiring Minds Want to Improve” (Arianna Falbo)
25/04 Catarina Dutilh Novaes (VU Amsterdam & University of St Andrews)
02/05 Carlotta Pavese (Cornell University)
09/05 Jade Fletcher (University of St Andrews)
16/05 Roy Sorensen (UT Austin & University of St Andrews)
20-21/05 Workshop on Inquiry w/ Begby, Goldberg, Kelp, Hadgood-Coote, Staffel, Woodard
30/05 (Cancelled due to conflicting event – Symposium on Jessia Brown’s Groups as Epistemic and Moral Agents)
06/06 Petronella Randell (University of St Andrews)
13/06 Amiya Hashkes (University of St Andrews)
20/06 Viviane Fairbank (University of St Andrews)
27/06 Matthew McGrath (Washington University in St. Louis)

: Emilia Wilson

Members: Jessica Brown, Patrick Greenough, Simon Prosser, Justin Snedegar, Roy Sorensen, Sanford Goldberg, Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Research students: Lara Scheibli, Katherine Crone, Frederik J. Andersen, Katharina Bernhard, Viviane Fairbank, Daniel Garibay Garcia, Jean Gové, Lara Jost, Nick Kuespert, Christopher Masterman, Sophie Nagler, Petronella Randell, Paolo Savino, Francisca Silva, Victor Tamburini

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