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Frederik J. Anderson

Projects: Evidence, Justification and Knowledge and Metaphysics and Logic

Thesis: Logical Disagreement

Nationality: Danish

Degrees: BA Philosophy and Science Studies, Roskilde University. MA Philosophy, University of Copenhagen. Logic Year Diploma, Logic, ILLC – University of Amsterdam

Phone: (+45) 27116743

Office: Room 17.302, Arche, College St

Email: frederikjandersen@gmail.com

Website: http://frederikjandersen.com



"Moral Disagreement and Higher-Order Evidence". Kappel, K. & Andersen, F. J. (2019) in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

Uniqueness and Logical Disagreement 
Andersen, F. J. (Forthcoming). In: Logos & Episteme.

Process Reliabilism, Prime Numbers and the Generality Problem
Andersen, F. J. & Kappel, K. (Forthcoming). In: Logos & Episteme.