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  • Book Publication: Jessica Brown

    Book Publication: Jessica Brown

    Jessica’s new book, Fallibilism: Evidence and Knowledge, has just been published with OUP.

  • Publication: Miguel Egler, Lewis D Ross

    Publication: Miguel Egler, Lewis D Ross

    Miguel Egler and Lewis D Ross recently published a paper in Synthese, ‘Philosophical expertise under the microscope‘.

  • Jessica Brown – elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    Jessica Brown – elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

    Professor Jessica Brown is elected this year to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). The new Fellows will help the RSE to...

  • Congratulations Dr Hummel

    Congratulations Dr Hummel

    Many congratulations to Patrik Hummel, who successfully passed his PhD viva last week!  Patrik now begins a postdoc in Data Sovereignty in Clinical Big-Data-Regimes, at...

  • Publication: Marvin Backes

    Publication: Marvin Backes

    Read Marvin’s recently published paper in Synthese, ‘A bitter pill for closure’.

  • Publication: Fenner Tanswell

    Publication: Fenner Tanswell

    Read Fenner’s recently published paper in Inquiry, ‘Conceptual Engineering for Mathematical Concepts’.

  • Funding award

    Funding award

    Derek Ball has been awarded AHRC funding for his project “What Kind of Mind? Engaging Children and the Public with Research on Animal and Infant...

  • Congratulations Dr Habgood-Coote

    Congratulations Dr Habgood-Coote

    We are pleased to announce that Josh Habgood-Coote recently passed his viva. Josh successfully passed his disputation on his doctorate thesis ‘Knowing-How: Linguistic and Philosophical...

  • Publication: Bruno Jacinto

    Publication: Bruno Jacinto

    Read Bruno’s recently published paper in The Review of Symbolic Logic: “Strongly Millian Second-Order Modal Logics”.

  • Publication: Caroline Touborg

    Publication: Caroline Touborg

    Read Caroline’s recently published paper in Philosophical Studies: “Hasteners and delayers: why rains don’t cause fires“.

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