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Conceptual Engineering

The Conceptual Engineering stream ended in 2022. It included talks by world-leading scholars on foundational and applied issues in conceptual engineering in philosophy and related...

Contextualism and Relativism

Contextualism and Relativism (2008-2012) The Contextualism and Relativism project has pursued an ambitious program of conferences, seminars, mini-courses and other events. The project began in...

Evidence, Justification and Knowledge

Past Events June 2015: Summer Epistemology Workshop June 2014: Fallibilism and Evidence Workshop November 2012: The Causes of Belief June 2013: Reasons and Rationality: Epistemic...

Foundations of Logical Consequence

Foundations of Logical Consequence (2009-2012) The Foundations of Logical Consequence Project is funded by the AHRC. Previous Events: January 2009: a Workshop on Proof-Theoretical and...

History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

The Arché Research Group on History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics organises two weekly seminars and regular workshops.

Logic of Conceivability

‘What would happen if...?’. The cognitive importance of this activity can hardly overestimated. https://projects.illc.uva.nl/conceivability/

Metaphysics: Identity, Existence & Structure

In this research seminar we examine some related issues in contemporary metaphysics.

Models, Modality and Meaning

In this project, we examined the connections between semantic modelling, possible worlds semantics and the nature of logic and meaning

Philosophical Methodology

Philosophical Methodology (2008-2012) Funded by: Leverhulme Institutional Network Grant, ‘Intuitions and Philosophical Methodology’; and Major 4-year AHRC grant ‘Intuitions and Philosophical Methodology’ Major Events September...

Propositions/Indexicality in Language and Thought/Time and Tense

The PIT seminar focuses on issues from three projects run in collaboration with CSMN at the University of Oslo. Propositions: This project investigates the metaphysics...