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Past Events

June 2015: Summer Epistemology Workshop
June 2014: Fallibilism and Evidence Workshop
November 2012: The Causes of Belief
June 2013: Reasons and Rationality: Epistemic and Practical
October 2013: Social Epistemology Workshop
Principal Investigator: Jessica Brown

Project Students: Sebastian Becker, Dan Healey, Nick Hughes, Joshua Habgood-Coote, Lisa Nowak, Wes Skolits

The Research Problem

In this project, we examine the nature of evidence, and its relationship to other crucial epistemic notions such as belief, justification and knowledge.
The project will examine the following questions:

Is all evidence propositional, or is some evidence object-like?
What relation must a subject bear to a proposition in order for that proposition to be part of her evidence?
Is evidence factive?
What relation must evidence bear to a hypothesis in order to be evidence for that hypothesis?
If a subject knows a proposition on the basis of some evidence need the evidence entail that proposition (fallibilism)?
Should we be contextualists about “evidence”?
Does justification to believe supervene on evidence?
How should one rationally respond to evidence of peer disagreement or that one’s beliefs are shaped by culture, family background, or evolution?
How is evidence related to trust? What are the epistemic requirements on trust?
Can there be non-evidential reasons to believe?

: Emilia Wilson

Principal Investigator: Jessica Brown