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The Arché Experience

Arché is one of the world’s leading centres for philosophical research and education. Our work is focused on topics in epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, metaphysics and philosophy of mind.

Our goal at Arché is to give students an opportunity to absorb examples of best research practice in collaboration with experts. This has proved an immensely successful strategy for developing our student’s interests and skills.

Education at Arché is focused around seminars, workshops/conferences, discussion groups, and supervision.

Weekly Arché-Seminars: Numerous seminars meet weekly to discuss work by Arché members or work of interest to seminar participants.

Professorial Fellow Visits: Our professorial fellows each visit for five weeks per year, and conduct numerous seminars and reading groups.

Weekly Discussion Groups: There are several weekly discussion groups convened by students.

Workshops, Conferences and Visitors: Each year Arché organises many major workshops and conferences and hosts many philosophers from around the world. This puts Arché students in direct and regular contact with the leading philosophers in their fields.

Supervision: Typically an Arché student has as their main supervisor, a member of the Arché faculty.

Offices in the Arché Centre: All Arché students have offices in the Arché Centre in College Street. This contributes significantly to Arché’s close and collaborative research environment.

International Exchange: Most Arché students spend one or two terms at another institution. In recent years students have visited ANU, NYU, OSU, UWO, and others.

Placement Record: Arché has an excellent placement record.

Ranking: In the latest UK-wide assessment of the research of UK universities (REF 2014) the philosophy department was ranked 1st in Scotland and 5th in the UK (by grade point average). 83% of research was assessed as either 4* or 3*.

Philosophy at St Andrews: Arché is a part of the School of Philosophy at St Andrews and our students can benefit from the entire faculty at St Andrews.