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  • Publication: Jace Snodgrass

    Publication: Jace Snodgrass

    Jace’s essay “The Co-intension Problem: A Reply to Rodriguez-Pereyra” has been published in Thought: A Journal of Philosophy.
  • Talk: Dr Aaron Cotnoir and Francisca Silva

    Talk: Dr Aaron Cotnoir and Francisca Silva

    Our own Aaron and Francisca have been invited to give talks at the “Workshop on Mereology: Analytic and Phenomenological Perspectives on Parts and Wholes”, held at...
  • Conference Acceptance: Jace Snodgrass

    Conference Acceptance: Jace Snodgrass

    Jace’s essay  “The Co-intension Probem: A Reply to Rodriguez-Pereyra” was accepted to the Philosophy Student’s Symposium 2023, which will take place this November at the...
  • Publications: Frederik J. Andersen

    Publications: Frederik J. Andersen

    Frederik’s paper “Countering Justification Holism in the Epistemology of Logic: The Argument from Pre-Theoretic Universality” has been published in the Australasian Journal of Logic. Frederik’s paper...

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