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Members: Derek Ball, Ephraim Glick, Simon Prosser

Research students: Daniel Garibay Garcia, Christopher Masterman, Emilia Wilson, Nick Allen, Tom Kaspers, Stefano Pugnaghi, Lara Jost, Paolo Savino, Lixiao Lin, Katharina Bernhard, Savvas Ioannou, Mirela Fus, Marvin Backes, Lisa Bastian, Matthew Cameron, Josh Habgood-Coote, Miguel Egler, Ethan Landes, Poppy Mankowitz, Travis Manuel, Deborah Marber, Lewis Ross, Wes Skolits, Ravi Thakral, Alper Yavuz

Associated events

Dec 2020: Metaphysics of Mind Workshop

Aug 2019: Fifth Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference

Apr 2019: Semantics/Arche Logic Group: No Meeting

Sep 2018: Language and Mind Seminar: Planning Meeting

Jun 2017: Slurring and Swearing Conference

Jun 2016: Concepts and Understanding Workshop


Research in the L&M group focuses on philosophical issues about language and mind. We have a broad range of interests; in recent semesters, we have discussed topics including the foundations of formal semantic theory, slurs and pejoratives, the distinction between semantics and pragmatics, context-sensitivity, the experience of time, mental representation in humans and animals, the relation between consciousness and personal identity, and more.


Language and Mind group meets on a weekly basis to discuss a variety of issues in philosophy of language and/or philosophy of mind. These seminars take place this semester every Tuesday from 12:00 – 14:00. For details of the current program and venue see the Arché Weekly Calendar.


Associated news

Publication: Miguel Egler