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Research in the L&M group focuses on philosophical issues about language and mind. We have a broad range of interests; in recent semesters, we have discussed topics including the foundations of formal semantic theory, slurs and pejoratives, the distinction between semantics and pragmatics, context-sensitivity, the experience of time, mental representation in humans and animals, the relation between consciousness and personal identity, and more.


Language and Mind group meets on a weekly basis to discuss a variety of issues in philosophy of language and/or philosophy of mind. These seminars take place this semester every Tuesday from 12:00 – 14:00. For details of the current program and venue see the Arché Weekly Calendar.


Members: Derek Ball, Simon Prosser, Justin D’Ambrosio

Research students: Amr Salih, Victor Tamburini, Jean Gove, Daniel Garibay Garcia, Christopher Masterman, Emilia Wilson, Nick Allen, Tom Kaspers, Stefano Pugnaghi, Paolo Savino, Lixiao Lin, Katharina Bernhard

Associated events

Dec 2020: Metaphysics of Mind Workshop

Aug 2019: Fifth Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference

Apr 2019: Semantics/Arche Logic Group: No Meeting

Sep 2018: Language and Mind Seminar: Planning Meeting

Jun 2017: Slurring and Swearing Conference

Jun 2016: Concepts and Understanding Workshop

Associated news

Workshop acceptance: Belinda Marshall, Jean Gové

Daniel Garibay Garcia to present at the Sixth Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference

Publication: Special Issue of RoPP, PLM5

Publication: Franz Berto

PhD Funding Opportunity (Philosophy and Psychology)

Publication: Derek Ball and Torfinn Huvenes

Publication: Jean Gové

Publication: Miguel Egler