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Communicating our work to a wide audience is an important part of Arché’s mission. Philosophical research by Arché members has resulted in a number of articles in the popular press, and Arché members have been active in a variety of public events (including science festivals, public lectures, and activities in schools). We welcome inquiries from the media, schools, and other organisations; please email arche@st-andrews.ac.uk for more information.

Derek Ball has been awarded AHRC funding for his project “What Kind of Mind?  Engaging Children and the Public with Research on Animal and Infant Minds from Philosophy and Psychology”.  The funding will allow Derek and collaborators in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience to work with primary school teachers and pupils in Fife and the Highlands to create materials and activities related to recent philosophical and empirical research on animal and infant minds, and to put on classes and activities in local prisons.




Winner of the Scottish Outreach and Impact in Philosophy Prize

One of our students, Josh Habgood-Coote (St. Andrews and Stirling) is the winner of the Scottish Outreach and Impact in Philosophy prize for 2016. The prize of £500 was generously funded by EIDYN and the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities (SGSAH). Proposals for projects were designed by graduate students to engage the wider community with themes relating to their research. His winning project is called ‘Knowing How to Run: A Philosophical Exploration’. Josh’s project was chosen partly for its originality, measurability, and attractiveness.

He’ll organize a roundtable discussion among runners on pre-prepared topics to get them thinking about running in connection with research on knowledge-how. The aim will be, as Joshua says, “to introduce the audience to a range of ideas in a way that is both engaging and makes clear how some of the insights in epistemology can be useful in understanding the why and how of running.”Articles: