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The Metaphysics and Logic group focuses on a range of issues connecting logic and metaphysics: quantification and ontological commitment; identity and indiscernibility; modality and dependence; plurals and groups; mereology and masses; hyperintensionality for properties and propositions; natural and social kinds; and more.

Seminars: The group meets this semester from 15:00-17:00 each Monday.  For details of the current program and venue see the Arché Calendar.

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Principal Investigators: Franz Berto, Aaron Cotnoir

Research students: Lixiao Lin, Luca Alberto Rappuoli, Christopher Masterman, Frederik J. Andersen, Matteo Nizzardo, Camille Fouche, Andrea Oliani, Jarred Snograss, Matthew Green, Francisca Silva

Associated events

Apr 2022: Metaphysics Workshop: Logic of Identity

Jun 2021: Workshop on Hyperintensional Metaphysics

Jun 2021: Workshop on Identity and Individuation of Particulars and Universals

Feb 2020: Metaphysics and Logic Seminar

Associated news

Fulbright Scholarship: Francisca Silva

Publication: Greg Restall

Paper accepted for 2022 Joint Session: Jace Snodgrass

Publication: Stephen Read

Prof Franz Berto awarded honorary Chaire Cardinal Mercier 2020-21

Publication: Frederik Andersen

Publication translation and introduction: Andrea Oliani

Publication: Frederik Andersen

Franz Berto – elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Publication: Tom Kaspers

Publication: Franz Berto

Publication – Aaron Cotnoir