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Principal Investigators: Franz Berto, Aaron Cotnoir

Research students: Christopher Masterman, Frederik Andersen, Matteo Nizzardo, Camille Fouche, Andrea Oliani, Jarred Snograss, Matthew Green, Savvas Ioannou, Alessandro Rossi, Travis Manuel

Associated events

Feb 2020: Metaphysics and Logic Seminar

The Metaphysics and Logic group focuses on a range of issues connecting logic and metaphysics: quantification and ontological commitment; identity and indiscernibility; modality and dependence; plurals and groups; mereology and masses; hyperintensionality for properties and propositions; natural and social kinds; and more.

Seminars: The group meets this semester from 13:00-14:30 each Monday.  For details of the current program and venue see the Arché Calendar.

Associated Events: