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The Metaphysics and Logic (M&L) Research Group focuses on a range of issues in logic and metaphysics: quantification and ontological commitment, identity and indiscernibility, modality and dependence, plurals and groups, mereology and masses, hyperintensionality for properties and propositions, natural and social kinds, non-classical logics, logical pluralism, the interplay of proof theory and model theory, and more.

Meetings in Summer 2024: the group meets in Edgecliffe Room G03 every Wednesday, 3pm to 5pm, from 3rd April to 3rd July 2024. For details of the current programme, see the Arché Calendar.

Microsoft Teams: talks are usually livestreamed on Microsoft Teams. To join the M&L team on Teams, please contact the group convenors.

Group convenors: Francisca Silva, Giulia Schirripa, and Sophie Nagler

Principal Investigator: Greg Restall

Members: Franz Berto, Miriam Bowen, Aaron Cotnoir

Research students: Sabina Dominguez Parrado, Viviane Fairbank, Camille Fouche, Matthew Green, Sophie Nagler, Matteo Nizzardo, Andrea Oliani, Thomas Randriamahazaka, Luca Alberto Rappuoli, Giulia Schirripa, Francisca Silva, Jarred Snodgrass

Associated news

VISITING: Professor Aybüke Özgün

Publication: Greg Restall

Publication: Frederik J. Andersen

Conference Acceptance: Jace Snodgrass

Conference Acceptance: Jarred Snodgrass

Publication: Matteo Nizzardo

Publication: Christopher Masterman

Publication: Camille Fouché

Fulbright Scholarship: Francisca Silva

Publication: Greg Restall

Paper accepted for 2022 Joint Session: Jace Snodgrass

Publication: Stephen Read

Prof Franz Berto awarded honorary Chaire Cardinal Mercier 2020-21

Publication: Frederik Andersen

Publication translation and introduction: Andrea Oliani

Publication: Frederik Andersen

Franz Berto – elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Publication: Tom Kaspers

Publication: Franz Berto

Publication – Aaron Cotnoir