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  • Congratulations Dr Hummel

    Congratulations Dr Hummel

    Many congratulations to Patrik Hummel, who successfully passed his PhD viva last week!  Patrik now begins a postdoc in Data Sovereignty in Clinical Big-Data-Regimes, at...

  • Publication: Marvin Backes

    Publication: Marvin Backes

    Read Marvin’s recently published paper in Synthese, ‘A bitter pill for closure’.

  • Publication: Fenner Tanswell

    Publication: Fenner Tanswell

    Read Fenner’s recently published paper in Inquiry, ‘Conceptual Engineering for Mathematical Concepts’.

  • Funding award

    Funding award

    Derek Ball has been awarded AHRC funding for his project “What Kind of Mind? Engaging Children and the Public with Research on Animal and Infant...

  • Congratulations Dr Habgood-Coote

    Congratulations Dr Habgood-Coote

    We are pleased to announce that Josh Habgood-Coote recently passed his viva. Josh successfully passed his disputation on his doctorate thesis ‘Knowing-How: Linguistic and Philosophical...

  • Publication: Bruno Jacinto

    Publication: Bruno Jacinto

    Read Bruno’s recently published paper in The Review of Symbolic Logic: “Strongly Millian Second-Order Modal Logics”.

  • Publication: Caroline Touborg

    Publication: Caroline Touborg

    Read Caroline’s recently published paper in Philosophical Studies: “Hasteners and delayers: why rains don’t cause fires“.

  • Publication: Josh Habgood-Coote

    Publication: Josh Habgood-Coote

    Read Josh’s recently published paper in Philosophical Studies: “Knowledge-How is the Norm of Intention“.

  • Publication: Claire Field

    Publication: Claire Field

    Claire’s paper It’s OK to Make Mistakes: Against the Fixed Point Thesis is forthcoming in Episteme.

  • Publication: Josh Habgood-Coote

    Publication: Josh Habgood-Coote

    Read Josh’s recently published paper in Synthese. “Knowing-how, showing, and epistemic norms”.