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A number of Arché members were present during last week’s European Epistemology Network (EEN) Meeting held in Glasgow between the 15th and the 17th of June. Jessica Brown (Group Justified Belief) and Sanford Goldberg (What is a Speaker Owed?) delivered keynote addresses. Presentations were also delivered by Emilia Wilson (Mis-Interpretative Resources and Epistemic Corrosion), Lara Jost (Countering White Scepticism), Nick Küspert (Will the Real Moral Experts Please Stand Up?), Frederik Andersen (Logical Akrasia), Lixiao Lin (The Knowledge-Why Norm for Aesthetic Assertions), Paolo Savino (From Evidence to Underdetermination Without Infallibilism), Katharina Bernhard (The Scientist qua Scientist Asserts) and Petronella Randell (The Value of Risk in Transformative Experience).