Report + Support Third ReportWhat is Report + Support?

Report + Support provides an online and integrated option for students, staff, and members of our community, to disclose negative behaviour and wellbeing concerns. An important feature of Report + Support is that it provides the choice to disclose either with contact details, or anonymously. Report + Support contains comprehensive and bespoke support pages covering categories from Antisocial Behaviour to Sexual Assault and Rape.

Disclosures made using Report + Support are impartially and non-judgmentally reviewed by practitioners in Student Services, Student Conduct or Human Resources. They endeavour to help and respond to all, although this is limited by the amount of information provided in the disclosure. Practitioners listen to more fully understand the experiences disclosed and utilise the range of support and investigative processes available. The outcome section provides more information about how staff responded to disclosures made. The action plan outlines actions for building awareness and trust in this service and implementing improvements.

People who make anonymous disclosures help to provide information about patterns of behaviour across the institution and raise awareness of the community experience. A unique number is allocated to every disclosure made, which enables people to follow up quoting the number. If discloser’s phone, rather than email, they can maintain their anonymity.