Report + Support Third ReportDelivery of action plan

We initially established two Report + Support Fora in Spring 2021, containing students and staff from across the University, that have continued to meet and consequently shaped the action plan of this report

In the previous action plan (2021-22), we committed to:

Provide more targeted support. We did this by: 

  1. Authoring and publishing support articles on Street Harassment and Hate Crime.
  2. Distinguishing between undergraduate students, taught postgraduate students and research postgraduate students.
  3. Adding ‘Student Association Building’ to location options.

Improve trust in the system. We adapted outcome options, for example, ‘Support offered – no reply/declined,’ to reflect more accurately what might happen once a disclosure is made. These have been further updated to include ‘Support only,’ for situations when support has been received, but the person making the disclosure is not making a formal report. We publish these outcomes so that staff and students have a better view of the actions taken by staff in response to disclosures.

Learning from those who disclosed. A feedback form, produced in collaboration with the most recent fora, is now available on the support pages and features on the ‘Thank you’ page once a disclosure has been made. Feedback on the Report + Support platform can be given both anonymously and with contact details, regardless of whether a disclosure has been made. Questions include, ‘What prevented you from using the platform?’ and ‘Please share any constructive comments that will improve the Report + Support platform’.

Increasing understanding in the student and staff community about the disclosure process. Three videos are in production to describe what happens when a disclosure is directed to Student Services, Student Conduct or Human Resources. 

Increasing awareness of Report + Support. The central message of two 'What now?' booklets, produced by Student Services and student representatives, is that it is not the fault of anyone who experiences harassment/hate-related incident or sexual misconduct, they are not alone, and there are a wide range of support and reporting options available to them. These booklets raise awareness of Report + Support as an option for disclosure.