Former Seminars


2. 6. 2023 (Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre B)
Maxie Roessler (Imperial College London): Mechanistic insights into bio- and electrocatalytic reactions from EPR spectroscopy

Valentina Vitali: Basics of BioNMR in solution

Stephen Lee: Using Muon-Spin Rotation (µSR) to Study Exotic Screening Effects in Superconductors

Katrin Ackermann: Investigating native metal ion binding sites in mammalian histidine-rich glycoprotein

Emma Borthwick: Using 17O solid-state NMR spectroscopy to investigate AlPO-34 and SAPO-34

Stephan Sauer (University of Copenhagen): Calculations of NMR spin-spin coupling constants: New methods and recent successes

Yujie Zhao: Dynamic nuclear polarization on a high-power EPR spectrometer

Russell Morris: ADORable NMR: Studies of the ADOR mechanism for the synthesis of zeolites

Olga Semenova (University of Dundee):Solution conformational analysis of drug-like molecules

Flemming Hansen (University College London):Using deep learning to unleash the full potential of NMR spectroscopy

Yaroslav Khimyak (University of East Anglia): Probing organisation of soft matter using NMR spectroscopy: from supramolecular hydrogels to biomaterials"

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2. 6. 2022 (Tenth Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre B)
Melinda Duer (University of Cambridge): Heavy mice and lighter things: using solid-state NMR to understand tissues diseases.

John Walton: Exploring the Chemistry of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Boryl Radicals with EPR Spectroscopy

Janet Lovett: Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy: The What and the Why?

David Keeble: EPR studies of Perovskite Oxide Materials

Tomas Lebl: NOMAD and challenges of NMR data mining

Michael Bühl: First-Principles Computation of NMR Chemical Shifts of Paramagnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks

Bela Bode: Rise of the machines - deep learning and AI bring new opportunities for pulse dipolar EPR

Ben Griffiths: Investigating Zeolite Frameworks Utilizing Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Justin Ales:Using MRI and fMRI to Study Human Brain Function

Olav Schiemann (University Bonn, Germany): Pulsed Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy: Following Conformational Changes in Biomacromolecules in Vitro and in Cells

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5.4.21 (online via Zoom)
Prof. Jochen Autschbach (University of Buffalo, NY): Spectroscopy in silico

16.4.21 (online via Teams)
Prof. Marina Benatti (University of Göttingen, Germany): Polarizing nuclear spins with electron and microwaves for magnetic resonance spectroscopy

3.6.21 Second Virtual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance (online via Teams)
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25.6.20 First Virtual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance (online via Teams)
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17.6.19 (Ninth Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Charlotte Martineau-Corcos (Universilty of Versailles, France): Host-guest interactions in phosphorus-containing microporous solids: a solid-state NMR point of view

Euan Kay: Simple NMR experiments for studying multicomponent nanoparticles

Maria Oranges: Multi-frequency orientation selective copper(II)-nitroxide RIDME in model systems and proteins

David Norman (University of Dundee): An exploration of the structure of a ubiquitin ligase using EPR and crosslinking

Ilia Kuprov (University of Southampton): Simulating the whole of Magnetic Resonance

Martin Kaupp (Technical University Berlin, Germany): Progress in the computation of magnetic resonance parameters

Suzi Pugh A solid-state NMR study of quadrupolar nuclei in zeolites

Dusan Uhrin (University of Edinburgh): Removing signal overlap and spin-spin couplings from NMR spectra

Christopher Wedge (University of Huddersfield): Optically generated DNP for solution-state NMR spectroscopy

Daniel Dawson: Introducing Dynamics to NMR Crystallography of Zeolitic Frameworks

Thomas Prisner (University Frankfurt/Main, Germany): Conformational dynamics of DNA and RNA deciphered by EPR

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Enrica Bordignon (University of Bochum, Germany): Why you should use EPR to detect protein conformational changes and local hydration dynamics.

11.6.18 (Eighth Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Frederic Blanc (Liverpool): High Throughput Structure Determination of Supramolecular Assemblies by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization enhanced NMR

Alan Stewart: Circulatory zinc dynamics: its role in coagulation control

Charalampos Kapsalis: Identifying the conformational change of a mechanosensitive ion channel using PELDOR spectroscopy

John Parkinson (University of Strathclyde): Of Insects, Reptiles and Arachnids: NMR spectroscopy in the landscape of whole venom chemistry

Graham Smith: Three Grand Challenges in EPR

Ian Marshall (University of Edinburgh): Clinical Magnetic Resonance

Joseph McDouall (University of Manchester): Quantum Chemical Studies of Paramagnetic NMR Shifts in f-Element Compounds

Arantxa Fernandes: Investigating local structure and disorder in ceramic oxides by NMR crystallography

Anokhi Shah: Using gadolinium spin labels to aid in understanding protein structure and function

Nicholas Westwood: Saved by the NMR expert: where collaboration has led to new science

Eric McInnes (University of Manchester): EPR as a tool in actinide chemistry

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Clare Grey (University of Cambridge): Developing and applying new tools to understand how materials for Li and "beyond-Li" battery technologies function

Chris Kay (University College London): Applications of Paramagnetism in Structural Biology and Materials Research

8.6.17 (Seventh Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Marina Bennati (MPI Göttingen): From EPR to DNP: polarization of spins for sensitivity enhancement in magnetic resonance

Conny Yu: Protein characterization using a combined approach of NMR and EPR

Tomas Lebl: Fractionation and DOSY-NMR as a tool for lignin analysis

John Griffin (University of Lancaster): New Methods in Solid-State NMR for the study of Functional Materials

David Keeble (Dundee): EPR of acceptor doped ferroic perovskite oxides

Giulia Bignami Exploiting Isotopic Enrichment to Understand Microporous Solids

Patrick Fowler (University of Sheffield): Modelling ring currents in aromatics

Sonia Chabbra: Monitoring ethylene tetramerization catalysis using in-situ EPR spectroscopy

Michael Bühl: Modelling paramagnetic NMR chemical shifts of phenolic oxime copper complexes

Claire Motion: Improving sensitivity using composite pulses at 94 GHz

Marcel Utz (Univerity of Southampton): Integration of NMR with Microfluidic Devices for the Study of Live Systems

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Benesh Joseph (University of Frankfurt,Germany): In-cell EPR spectroscopy of membrane transporters in E. coli

6.6.16 (Sixth Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Jason Schnell (Oxford): Molecular mechanisms in stabilisation of ER tubules by the DP1/Reticulon proteins

Michael Stevens (Dundee) Investigating the conformation of Muscle Ring Finger Protein 1 using pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance

Christos Pliotas Investigation of the gating mechanism of ion channels by pulsed-EPR

Stephen Sproules (Glasgow) Carbonaceous Fallout from Methanol Conversion

Petr Kilian NMR of sterically interlocked molecules: Magnetic inequivalence and through space couplings

Karen Johnston (Durham) Natural abundance 14N and 15N solid-state NMR studies of pharmaceuticals and their polymor phs

Olga Malkina (Bratislava): New tools for interpretation of indirect nuclear spin-spin couplings

Andrew Rankin Applications of Solid-State NMR to the Characterisation of Industrial Catalysts

David McKay Solid-State Structure and NMR Parameters from Random Geometries and DFT

Will Kew (Edinburgh) Analysis of Scotch Whisky by NMR and Statistical Methods

Klaus Lips (Berlin): Ultra-Sensitive in-operando detection and imaging of paramagnetic defects in silicon solar ce lls

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8.6.15 (Fifth Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Jonathan Yates (Oxford): Recent developments in the prediction of NMR parameters in solids

Paula Sanz Camacho: Studying non-covalent interactions in chalcogen-containing materials

Derek Woollins: My life and times using NMR and EPR

John Walton: EPR Study of the Radicals Released by Designer Oximes

David Norman: What is the limit of distance measurement by EPR?

Beat Meier (ETH Zürich): Protein stucture determination from microgramm sample amounts using fast MAS

Laurent Le Polles (Rennes): 95Mo solid state NMR for the characterisation of molybdenum cluster compounds

Daniel Dawson: Structural Insights into Metallophosphate Zeolites from Solid-State NMR

Angeliki Giannoulis: Spin 1/2 Transition Metal Ions in PELDOR Spectroscopy

Graham Smith: Low or Zero Deadtime Pulsed EPR

Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff (Osnabrück): EPR and DEER reveal conformational heterogeneity and dynamics of membrane protein complexes

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Prof. Frank Neese (MPI Mülheim, Germany): Combined spectroscopic and quantum chemical studies on single molecule magnets

2.6.14 (Fourth Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Sabine van Doorslaer (Antwerp): Globin proteins - a surprising playground for EPR spectroscopy

Janet Lovett: Current Progress and Plans for using Dipolar Spectroscopy to Investigate Biological Structure

Fanny Tran: Use of NMR to characterise and analyse lignins

Silvia Valera: PELDOR and multi-spin systems: on the way to true distance distributions

Michael Bühl: Computational NMR spectroscopy of fluorinated hydrocarbons

Christian Ochsenfeld (Munich): Quantum-chemical calculation of NMR spectra for large molecules

Scott Sneddon: Calculating NMR parameters in aluminophosphates

David Keeble: Electrically detected magnetic resonance: methods, and application to solar cell materials

Russell Morris: Solid-state NMR of MOFs and Zeolites

Graham Smith Orientational Peldor

Melinda Duer (Cambridge): Heavy mice and lighter things: using NMR to elucidate molecular structure in tissues

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Prof. Jörg Matysik (Uni Leipzig, Germany): The solid-state photo-CIDNP effect

10.6.13 (Third Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Mark Newton: Spin Physics with colour centres in diamond

Steve Wimperis: Some new developments in solid-state NMR

David O'Hagan: Some fluorinated rings and things

Chris Pickard: Computational high throughput NMR

Sharon Ashbrook: Disorder in high-pressure silicates: Multinuclear NMR spectroscopy and first-principles calculations

Michael Bühl: Weak Te,Te bonding through the looking glass of NMR spin-spin coupling

Dave Norman: Characterisation and use of the Rx bifunctional spin label in orientational measurements by pulsed EPR

Katrin Ackermann: Structural studies of streptococcal M protein - What can we learn from NMR and EPR?

Hassane El Mkami: EPR and magnetic studies of a novel copper Metal Organic Framework (STAM-I)

Jim Naismith : Using PELDOR to look at conformational states of membrane proteins.

Burkhard Luy: Residual Dipolar Couplings and Optimal Control Theory: New Developments in Modern NMR Spectroscopy

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11.6.13 (Short talks by PhD students from the iCMR Centre for Doctoral Training, Warwick)
Stephen Day: Complimentary GIPAW DFT computational and solid state NMR approaches to studying disordered apatite systems

Mika Tamski: Electrochemical Electron Paramagnetic Resonance utilizing micro-electrodes and loop gap resonators

Matthew Dale: Quantifying NV-


8.6.12 (Second Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Paul Hodgkinson (Durham University): Using NMR and computational chemistry to study solid-state structure and dynamics

Paul A. Wright: How solid-state NMR can help us in the study of microporous zeolites and MOFs as catalysts and adsorbents

Doug Philp: Integrating Replication Processes with Mechanically-interlocked Molecular Architectures

Jonathan Goodman (University of Cambridge): Small molecule structures: how can calculations help experiments?

Tanja van Mourik: Modelling zwitterions in solution through computation of NMR spin-spin couplings: 3-fluoro-gamma-aminobutyric acid (3F-GABA)

Michael Bühl: On the origin of isotope effects on 195Pt NMR chemical shifts.

Daniel Dawson: Acquisition, Assignment and Uses of Solid-State 13C NMR Spectra of Paramagnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks

Gunnar ieginsson: Trityl: A new spin label for nanometer distance measurements

Peter Heathcote: Studying the geometry of radical pairs in Photosystem I: Quantum oscillations in two-dimensional EPR.

Bela Bode: The R-factor of pulsed dipolar spectroscopy - do we need quality assurance?

Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zürich): New developments in dipolar EPR of spin labels

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12.3.11 (Annual Meeting of the Centre of Magnetic Resonance, Purdie Theatre C)
Christiane Timmel (University of Oxford): Spin-selective recombination kinetics of a carotenoid- porphyrin-fullerene biradical: an EPR study.

Graham Smith: Extracting Quantitative Orientational Information from PELDOR measurements

Janet Lovett: How do you solve a problem like mtssl?

Martin Kaupp (Technical University Berlin): Recent results from the quantum-chemical route to NMR and EPR parameters.

Ragnar Bjornsson: Modelling environmental effects on transition metal NMR properties.

John Griffin: Structural Insight into Hydrated Inner-Earth Minerals by Solid-state NMR and DFT Calculations.

Jeremy Titman (University of Warwick): What has solid-state NMR ever done for us? Structure and Dynamics of Molecules and Materials.

Tomas Lebl: Residual Dipolar Couplings Analysis of Small Molecules.

Uli Schwarz-Linek: NMR Analysis of Bacterial Surface Proteins

David Keeble: Electron paramagnetic resonance and electrically detected magnetic resonance of organic semiconductor thin films and devices.

Olav Schiemann: Assessing conformational states of Biomacromolecules with PELDOR.

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Prof. Eric Hustedt (Vanderbilt University): Site-Directed Spin-Labeling Studies of the Cytoplasmic Domain of Band 3 Protein (CDB3)

Dr. Alan Drew (Queen Mary University London) Local probe investigation of spin transport and dynamics in organic semiconductors)


Uli Schwarz-Linek: NMR analysis of bacterial surface proteins

Thomas Lebl: 3D Adventures in the World of Small Molecules

Jerome Cuny (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Rennes, France): 95Mo Solid-state NMR and modelling: convergent tools for new material development

Tanja van Mourik: NMR parameters of small molecules computed with electronic structure theory: From FGABA to guanine quartets.

David Norman: The effect of protein deuteration on EPR relaxation and its application to distance measurement

7.4.10 (Wednesday)
Snorri Sigurdsson (University of Iceland): Novel Spin Labels for Nucleic Acids

Douglas Philp: Analyse this... Using NMR to unravel the workings of chemical systems

David Keeble: Point Defect Physics and Chemistry of Perovskite Oxides: Insight from Electron Magnetic Resonance

29.6.10 (Purdie Theatre D) Klaus R. Koch (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa): What's in a 195Pt chemical shift? Isotope effects in 195Pt high-resolution NMR: Unambiguous assignment method of all [PtX6-n(H2O)n]n-2 (X = 35/37Cl / 79/81Br, n = 0-5) complexes in aqueous solution.

Graeme Hanson (University of Queensland, Australia): Insights into Metal Ion Mutagenesis and Catalysis of Dinuclear Mn Metallohydrolases Utilising EPR Spectroscopy


Dr. Chandrima Pal (St Andrews, Biology): EPR studies on DNA damaged by heavy atom irradiation

Dr. Walter Köckenberger (Nottingham, Physics): Solution DNP combined with fast 2D techniques

Dr. David J. Keeble (Dundee, Physics): EPR and EDMR Studies of Organic Semiconductors

Prof. Lesley Yellowlees (Edinburgh, Chemistry): EPR Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Reduced Species

Dr. John W. Ingledew (St Andrews, Biology): Use of EPR to investigate interactions in DNA processing enzymes

Prof. Jens Wöhnert (Frankfurt (Germany), Biology): Structure and ligand recognition of riboswitches and the ribosome assembly factor Nep1

Prof. Steve Lee (St Andrews, Physics): Using Muon Spin Rotation to Probe Classical Correlations in Superconducting Vortex Systems

8.4.09 (Wednesday, Chemistry Colloquium)
Prof. Mark E. Smith (Warwick, Chemistry): Recent Progress in Solid-State NMR at Warwick: Low-Gamma Nuclei, 17O NMR of Biomolecular Solids and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Prof. Malcolm H. Levitt: Singlet Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Prof. Andrew J. Thomson: Title t.b.a.

Graham Smith: Application Potential for HIPER

Robert Hagan: Mapping of the solution structure of a coiled-coil protein

Sharon Ashbrook: Investigating Structure, Order and Dynamics in Silicates using Multinuclear NMR and First-Principles Calculations

Michael Bühl Computational Transition Metal NMR Spectroscopy


Prof Douglas Philp: Self-replicating systems and NMR
Dr Petr Kilian: Synthesis of stable phosphorus centred radicals

Prof Peter Heathcote: The structure and function of the photosystem I reaction centre and the contribution from advanced EPR spectroscopy

Dr Sharon Ashbrook: Solid State NMR
Dr Tim Craggs: CIDNEP

Dr Tanja van Mourik: Calculating MR parameters of single molecules
Dr Uli Schwarz-Linek: Protein NMR

Dr Graham Smith: High-Field EPR and DNP

Dr David Keeble: EPR of Materials and Devices; a focus on electrically detected EPR

Prof Michael Bühl: Calculating NMR Parameters
Dr Richard Ward: PELDOR on biological systems

Prof Eric McInnes: EPR spectroscopy a probe for electronic structure in molecular magnets

Dr Bela Bode: PELDOR involving Copper and Spin Counting

Dr John Walton: Reaction mechanisms studied by EPR

Dr Paul Wright: NMR studies of Structure and Dynamics in Microporous Solids

Dr. Robert Hunter: Millimetre Wave Instrumentation for Magnetic Resonance Applications

Dr. Tomas Lebl (St Andrews, Chemistry): Stereochemistry and Dynamic Behaviour of Molecules in Solution

Dr. David J. Tozer (Durham, Chemistry): Magnetic response parameters from density functional theory

Prof. Russell E. Morris (St Andrews, Chemistry): X-ray diffraction and solid state NMR - Complementary studies of zeolites and porous materials

Dr. John Griffin (St Andrews, Chemistry): Probing Dynamics in Inner-Earth Materials using First-Principles DFT calculations and 17O Solid-State NMR

Prof. Christian Griesinger (MPI Göttingen, Germany): Bruker Lecture and Opening Lecture of the Centre

Dr. David G. Norman (Dundee, Biology): PELDOR and CW EPR studies on the structure and dynamics of the core histone tetramer and octamer


O. Schiemann: PELDOR beyond Distance measurements
C. Pickard: Computation of Magnetic Resonance Parameters

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