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Tenth Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews
Centre of Magnetic Resonance

Thursday 2 June, 2022, School of Chemistry, St Andrews (Lecture Theatre B)

9:00 Welcome

9:10 Melinda Duer (University of Cambridge): Heavy mice and lighter things: using solid-state NMR to understand tissues diseases.

9:50 John Walton: Exploring the Chemistry of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Boryl Radicals with EPR Spectroscopy

10:20 Janet Lovett: Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy: The What and the Why?

10:50 Coffee

11:20 David Keeble: EPR studies of Perovskite Oxide Materials

11:50 Tomas Lebl: NOMAD and challenges of NMR data mining

12:20 Lunch

13:30 Michael Bühl: First-Principles Computation of NMR Chemical Shifts of Paramagnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks

14:10 Bela Bode: Rise of the machines - deep learning and AI bring new opportunities for pulse dipolar EPR

14:40 Ben Griffiths: Investigating Zeolite Frameworks Utilizing Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

15:10 Coffee

15:40 Justin Ales:Using MRI and fMRI to Study Human Brain Function

16:10 Olav Schiemann (University Bonn, Germany): Pulsed Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy: Following Conformational Changes in Biomacromolecules in Vitro and in Cells

16:50 Poster session and wine reception (Common Room) List of Posters

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