Former Seminars
Highlights Funding and Education 2023 - 2021/22 - 2019/20 - 2017/18 - 2015/16 - 2013/14 - 2011/12 - 2009/10


"NMR at 1.2 GHz: A World-Leading UK Facility to Deliver Advances in Biology, Chemistry, and Materials Science", EPSRC (EP/X019853/1), 2023-2027, £17M (St Andrews £24k, S. Brown, S. E. Ashbrook, M. Smith, F. Blanc, J. Griffin, J. Titman, P. Williamson, J. Lewandowski)

"Tracing Protein Conformational Changes During Function With High Sensitivity And Contrast By Pulse Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy", Royal Society, 2023-2024, £6k (B. E. Bode)

PhD Students
Laura Remmel (2023, B. E. Bode)
Maria Papa (2023, J. E. Lovett)
Ronan Fisher (2023, J. E. Lovett)
Cameron Rice (2023, S. E. Ashbrook)
Dongmei Wu (2023, A. J. Stewart)
Zachary Davies (2023, S. E. Ashbrook)


"State-of-the-art Pulse Dipolar EPR to Interrogate Pathogen Surface Proteins", Wellcome Trust ISSF, 2021, £22k (B. E. Bode)

"Supramolecular Structure Predictions Validated from Sparse Experimental Data", EPSRC (EP/X016455/1), 2022-2025, £454k (B. E. Bode, M. F. White, J. E. Lovett, G. M. Smith, U. Schwarz-Linek)

“ZeoMOFs”, EPSRC (EP/W034824/1), 2022-2025, £806k (R. E. Morris, S. E. Ashbrook)

"Unveiling the Recycling Potential of Pharmaceutical Glass by Alkali Activation", Universities of Padua and St Andrews, 2022, €3k (S. E. Ashbrook)

"Light induced dipolar spectroscopy at high field with EPR", Universites of Padua and St Andrews, 2022-23, £2.5k (J. E. Lovett)

“Decarbonising The Acrylic Value Chain Via Resource Circularity”, EPSRC (EP/V038052/1 Prosperity Partnership between Nottingham, St Andrews and Lucite), 2021-2026, £2.1M (St Andrews £243k, A. Conradie, E. Binner, J. Titman, J. Robinson, J. McKechnie, S. Bryan, S. E. Ashbrook, P. Webb)

PhD Students
Joshua Wort (2021, B. E. Bode)
Zhipeng Ke (2021, S. E. Ashbrook, M. Bühl)
Edward Howe (2021, E. R. Kay)
Bonifac Legrady (2022, S. E. Ashbrook)
Filippo Formoso (2022, S. E. Ashbrook)
Guillaume Poss (2022, E. R. Kay)
Rongtian Suo, (2022, E. R. Kay)


"The UK High-Field Solid-State NMR National Research Facility", EPSRC (EP/T014350/1), 2020-2025, £30k, total award £2.6 M (Steven Brown, Sharon Ashbrook, Mark Smith, Phillip Williamson, Jeremy Titman, John Griffin, Frederic Blanc, Jozef Lewandowski)

"Observing protein structural changes in their natural environment – the cell", Weizmann-UK grant, $50k (J. E. Lovett, G. Smith, D. Goldfarb)

"Designed Synthesis of Zeolites for Environmental and Biorenewables Catalysis", EPSRC (EP/S016201/1), Feb 2019 - Jan 2022, £460k (P. A. Wright, S. E. Ashbrook)

"Understanding sensitivity gains in pulse EPR on multimeric membrane proteins", Leverhulme Trust, 2019 - 2021 £131k (B. E. Bode, C. Pliotas)

"Vanadium(IV) siderophores as probes for microbial nutrient import", Wellcome Trust ISSF, 2019, ££7k (B. E. Bode)

"Enabling Shaped Pulse Capability for Superior Biological Structural Determination Using EPR Spectroscopy", BBSRC, 2020-21, ££352k (J. L. Lovett, B. E. Bode, C. Penedo, S. J. Pitt, U. Schwarz-Linek, G. M. Smith, A. J. B. Watson, M. White)

"Trilaterating fluoride in a fluoride-dependent riboswitch - elucidating the molecular basis of fluoride resistance in bacteria." Royal Society, 2020-21, ££7k (B. E. Bode)

"Collaborative Computational Project: NMR Crystallography", EPSRC (EP/T026642/1), 2020-2025, £273k (P. Hodgkinson, S. E. Ashbrook, J. Yates, A. Morris)

PhD Students
Robert Moran (2019, S. E. Ashbrook)
Anokhi Shah (2019, J. E. Lovett)
Sonia Chabbra (2019, B. E. Bode)
Nicolas Marro (2019, E. Kay)
Maria Oranges (2020, B. E. Bode)
Suzi Pugh (2020, S. E. Ashbrook)


"Characterisation of a fluoride-dependent riboswitch - defining the molecular basis of fluoride resistance in bacteria", Carnegie Trust, £6k (B. E. Bode)

"A quantitative framework linking extracellular zinc speciation and cell uptake", Leverhulme Trust, Sep 2017 - Sep 2020, £343k (A. Stewart)

"Meeting the sensitivity Grand Challenges in Pulsed Electron Magnetic Resonance", EPSRC (EP/R013705/1) Dec 2017-Nov 2020, £758k (G. M. Smith, B. E. Bode, J. E. Lovett, C. Pliotas, U. Schwarz-Linek, D. J. Keeble, D. G. Norman et al)

"Cryogen-Free Arbitrary Waveform EPR for Structural Biology and Biophysics", BBSRC 17ALERT mid-range equipment initiative (BB/R013780/1), £209k (tba) (B. E. Bode, D. G. Norman, C. Pliotas, U. Schwarz-Linek, J. E. Lovett, G. M. Smith et al)

"Unveiling the structure of long RNAs using EPR Spectroscopy". Royal Society University Research Fellowship Enhancement Award,, 2018- £95k (J. E. Lovett)

"In-Cell Structural Biology using EPR spectroscopy." Carnegie Research Incentive Grant, 2018, £9k ((J. E. Lovett)

"Enhancing Performance in Polyanionic Cathode Materials", EPSRC (EP/R030472/1), 2018-, £430k total, EPR share £11k (B. E. Bode et al.)

"Enabling Precision Distance Measurements in Long RNAs", BBSRC (Transformative Research Technologies, TRDF), 2018-2019, £150k (J. E. Lovett et al.)

"Approaches to increase the sensitivity of EPR spectroscopy for biological applications", Royal Society International Exchanges, 2018-2019, £6k (J. E. Lovett et al.)

"Designed Synthesis of Zeolites for Environmental and Biorenewables Catalysis", EPSRC (EP S016201/1), 2018-2021, £459k (P. A. Wright and S. E. Ashbrook)

"A National Network for Applications of High-Field NMR in the Life and Physical Sciences", EPSRC (EP R030065/1), 2018-2021, £1.37M (S. E. Ashbrook, U. Schwarz-Linke et al.)

"Understanding sensitivity gains in pulse EPR on multimeric membrane proteins", Leverhulme Trust, 2018, £131k (B. E. Bode, C. Pliotas).

"State-of-the-art biomedical EPR applications", Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Funds, Jul 2018-Jan 2022, £75k (B. E. Bode)

"State-of-the-art biomedical EPR facilities", Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Funds, May 2018, £10k (B. E. Bode)

PhD Students
Andrew Rankin (2017, S. Ashbrook)
Claire Motion (2017, G. M. Smith)
Giulia Bignami (2018, S. Ashbrook)
Arantxa Fernandes (2018, S. Ashbrook)


"Collaborative Computational Project: NMR Crystallography", EPSRC (EP/M022501/1), Apr 2015-2018, £ 278k (S. E. Ashbrook et al)

"Spin-labelled terpyridines as model complexes for biomolecular dimerisation studied via nanometre distance measurements by pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance", Royal Society Research Grant, March 2015-March 2016, £15k (B. E. Bode)

Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Funds, Seedcorn and Bridging Funds, Feb 2015, £21k (B. E. Bode)

"Limitations of Tikhonov regularisation in analysis of pulse EPR distance measurements", Carnegie Trust, Jan 2015-May 2015, £8k (B. E. Bode)

"Intra-monomer EPR distances in multimeric systems", EPSRC, 2015 -2016, £98k (B. E. Bode)

"A molecular basis for autoimmune sequelae of streptococcal infections", MRC grant, 2015, £580k (U. Schwarz-Linek, B. E. Bode et al.)

PhD Students
Stacey Bell (2015, J. Lovett)
Brian Chalmers (2015, P. Kilian)
Rodrigo Cormanich (2015, M. Bühl)
Scott Sneddon (2015, S. E. Ashbrook)
Silvia Valera (2016, B. E. Bode)
Angeliki Giannoulis (2016, B. E. Bode)
Henri Colaux (2016, S. E. Ashbrook)
Paula Sanz Camacho (2016, S. E. Ashbrook)


"New strategies for spin labelling cysteine-rich proteins", EPSRC (EP/L022044/1), June 2014-June 2015, £98 k (J. Lovett)

"MAGnetic Innovation in Catalysis", Marie Curie FP7 IDP training network grant, Feb 2014-2017, EUR 3.4 M total (J. Lovett et al)

"Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy on Symmetric Oligomers", European Commission REA, Mar 2013-Feb 2017, £83 k (B. E. Bode)

Royal Society Research Grant and backing from Oxford Instruments toward a Benchtop EPR instrument, Mar 2013, £65 k (J. Lovett)

"Manufacture of isotopically enriched MOFs", ESPRC Impact Acceleration Funding, Mar 2013, £19 k total (S. E. Ashbrook et al)

"Atomic-Scale Structure, Disorder and Dynamics in Solids", ERC Consolidator Grant 614290 EXONMR, Apr 2014 - Mar 2019, EUR 1.9 M (S. E. Ashbrook)

"EPR spectroscopy of Cr complexes of relevance to Cr/PNP-based ethylene tetramerisation", Sasol Technology UK, 2014 -2018, £67 k (B. E. Bode et al)

PhD Students
Valerie Seymour (2013, S. E. Ashbrook)
John C. Davis (June 2013, M. Bühl)
Conor G. E. Fleming (2013, P. Kilian)
Brian Surgenor (2013, P. Kilian)
Matt J. Ray (2013, P. Kilian)
Martin Peel (2014, S. E. Ashbrook and P. Lightfoot)
Daniel Dawson (2014, S. E. Ashbrook)


"A novel adhesion mechanism for Gram-positive pathogens", MRC Project Grant, Dec 2012-Nov 2015 £858 k (U. Schwarz-Linek)

"Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research & Multi-User Equipment Grant", Wellcome Trust, June 2012, £580 k total (D. Norman, G. M. Smith, B. E. Bode et al)

"Sino-UK Higher Education Research Partnerships for PhD Studies", British Council, 2012-2014, £36 k (S. E. Ashbrook et al)

Core Capability, EPSRC, 2012-2013, £982 k in total (S. E. Ashbrook et al)

"Structural characterisation of the tetrasome and histone chaperones", MRC Project Grant ID 99342, Sep 2011, £549 k total (D. Norman and G. M. Smith)

"Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT-lite) in Integrated Magnetic Resonance", EPSRC 2011 - 2017 (EP/J500045/1), £2 M total, St Andrews share: £250 k (G. M. Smith)

"Ensemble and Single Molecule Analysis of Protein Translocation", BBSRC Apr 2011 - Mar 2015, £1 M total, (J. Lovett)

"Collaborative Computational Project: NMR Crystallography", EPSRC, 2011 - 2015 (EP/J010510/1), £489k in total, (S. E. Ashbrook et al)

"Expanding the capability for variable-temperature NMR in St Andrews", EPSRC Strategic Partnership Fund, Aug 2011 - July 2012 (EP/J501542), £17 k (S. E. Ashbrook)

PhD Students
Jie Jao (October 2011, T. van Mourik)
Ragnar Bjornsson (May 2012, M. Bühl)
Martin Mitchell (2012, S. E. Ashbrook)


"Solid-State NMR at 850 MHz: A World-Leading UK Facility to Deliver Advances in Materials Science, Chemistry, Biology , Earth Sciences and Physics", EPSRC Jan 2009 - Jan 2014 (EP/F018096/1), £3.8 M total, St Andrews share: £14 k (S. E. Ashbrook)

"High-Resolution Solid-State NMR in St Andrews: Development and Application", EPSRC, Aug 2007 - Sept 2010 (EP/E041825/1), £1.25 M (S. E. Ashbrook)

"Novel Half-Integer Quadrupolar Solid-State NMR Correlation Experiments for Probing Atomic Proximities a nd Connectivities in Disordered Materials", EPSRC Oct 2006 - Oct 2009 (EP/D080576/1), £217 k total, St Andrews share: £50 k (S. E. Ashbrook)

"Stable Phosphorus Centred Radicals and Odd Electron Bonds", EPSRC, 2007 - 2009, £200 k (P. Kilian)

"Multifunctional molecular machines acting on DNA", Wellcome Trust, Oct 2010 - Sept 2014, £900 k (O. Schiemann)

"Conformational states of membrane proteins: Technology development for bioscience", BBSRC, July 2010 - June 2015, £1.9 M (O. Schiemann)

"Bringing the NMR Paradigm to ESR - The HIPER Project", EPSRC, Sept 2008 - Aug 2012, £1.2 M (G. Smith, O. Schiemann, W. J. Ingledew)

"Struktur des Membran-standigen Fumaratsensors DcuS von E coli", Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Sept 2008 - Oct 2010, £100 k (O. Schiemann)

"Macro structure determination using pulse electron spin resonance techniques.", BBSRC, Jan 2008 - June 2011, £800 k (W. J. Ingledew, O. Schiemann, G. Smith)

EU FP6, "ASSIST", Jan 2007-June 2010, £1.5 M total, St Andrews share: £185 k (U. Schwarz-Linek)

Wellcome VIP Award, Apr 2010-Sep 2010, £20 k (U. Schwarz-Linek)

Wellcome Biomedical Vacation Studentship, 2009, £1.4 k (U. Schwarz-Linek)

"Electron initiated chemistry in biomolecules", EPSRC Oct 2006 - Sept 2009, £376 k (T. van Mourik)

"The nature of DNA stability: a computational study on DNA minispirals", Royal Society Jun 2008 - Dec 2010, £10 k (T. van Mourik)

"Photocatalysis for Organic Synthesis", EPSRC Oct 2010 - Sep 2014, St Andrews share: £340 k (J. C. Walton)

PhD Students
Diego Carnevale (July 2010, S. E. Ashbrook)
Karen Johnston (Aug 2010, S. E. Ashbrook)
Dave Manley (J. C. Walton)

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