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Solid-State NMR Group

European Federation of EPR Groups

The Collaborative Computing Project for NMR


Selection of NMR Groups

St. Andrews, Philip Wormald, Polymer NMR group

Cambridge, Melinda Duer

Cambridge, The National 800MHz NMR Facility

Cambridge, James Keeler Group

Durham, Solution-State NMR Service

Durham, Paul Hodgkinson

Durham, EPSRC Service

Edinburgh Biomolecular NMR Unit

Glasgow, Wimperis Group

Oxford, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Facility

Oxford, Protein NMR (incl. 950 MHZ NMR facility)

Southampton, Biological NMR

Strathclyde, NMR Unit

Warwick, Solid State NMR Group

York, Centre for Magnetic Resonance

ETH Zürich, Wüthrich Group

Frankfurt, Centre of Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance

Leipzig, S. Berger Group

MPI Göttingen, NMR-based Structural Biology

MPI Mainz, Spiess

München, Bayerisches NMR Zentrum

Brno, National Centre for Biomolecular Research

Canada, Alberta, R.E. Wasylishen

Canada, Ontario, Schurko Group

France, Lille, Amoureux Group

France, Lyon, Emsley Group

France, Strasbourg, RMN

Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Frydman

MIT, Bob Griffin Group

Berkeley, Pines Lab


Selection of EPR Groups

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

D. Goldfarb, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel

J. Freed, Cornell, USA

D. Britt, UCDavis, USA

W. Hubbell, UCLA, USA

W. Lubitz, MPI Mülheim, Germany

G. Jeschke, University of Konstanz, Germany

T.F. Prisner, University of Frankfurt, Germany

R. Bittl, FU Berlin, Germany

D. Collins & E. McInnes


Selection of Computational MR Groups

J. Autschbach, SUNY, USA

A. Bagno, Padova, Italy

P.W. Fowler, Sheffield, UK

J. Gauss, Mainz, Germany

T. Heine, Dresden, Germany

M. Kaupp, Würzburg, Germany

F. Neese, Bonn, Germany

P.v.R. Schleyer, Georgia, USA

D. Sebastiani, MPI Mainz, Germany

D.J. Tozer, Durham, UK

J. Yates, Cambridge, UK

T. Ziegler, Calgary, Canada





Bruker Biospin, Rheinstetten




University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews

Centre for Biomolecular Science

School of Biology

Bute Medical School

School of Chemistry


Department of Physics and Astronomy


Research Societies

International EPR Society

ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Fachgruppe Magnetische Resonanz der GDCh

The RNA Society

The British Biophysical Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik



DFG-Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft

GDCh-Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker

Wellcome Trust

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