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Posters presented at the

Ninth Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews
Centre of Magnetic Resonance

Monday 17 June 2019, School of Chemistry, St Andrews, 5:20 pm

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Insights into histidine-rich glycoprotein from electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
K. Ackermann, S. Khazaipoul, H. El Mkami, A. J. Stewart, Bela E. Bode.

NMR chemical shifts of urea loaded copper benzoate. A joint solid-state NMR and DFT study
Zhipeng Ke, Lauren E. Jamieson, Daniel M. Dawson, Sharon E. Ashbrook, Michael Bühl.

Random and directed structure searching for NMR crystallography of disordered hydrous inner-Earth minerals
David McKay, Robert F. Moran, Sharon E. Ashbrook, Andrew J. Berry.

Fast Room-temperature Lability of Zeolite Frameworks - 17O Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy
C. M. Rice, D. M. Dawson, S. E. Ashbrook, R. E. Morris.

Solid-State NMR Investigation of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Zachary H. Davis, Cameron M. Rice, Giulia P. M. Bignami, Daniel M. Dawson, Russell E. Morris, Sharon E. Ashbrook.

Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Studies of Si-g-Al2O3 Materials
Mate Bonifac Legrady, Paul Webb, Sharon E. Ashbrook.

Resolving the true distance distribution in homo-multimers
Katrin Ackermann, Christos Pliotas, Silvia Valera, James H. Naismith, Bela E. Bode.

Pulse EPR shows Cu(II)-chelates label double-histidine motifs more efficiently with lower temperature
J.L. Wort, K. Ackermann, A. Giannoulis, A.J. Stewart, D.G. Norman, B.E. Bode.

Pulsed EPR Investigation of Metal Binding to Coiled coil Peptides
Michael Taylor, Anokhi Shah, Louise Slope, Anbu Kooduthurai, Hassane El Mkami, Robert I. Hunter, Graham M. Smith, Anna F. A. Peacock, Janet E. Lovett.

Multi-frequency orientation selective copper(II)-nitroxide RIDME in model systems and proteins
M. Oranges, A. Giannoulis, A. Collauto, J.L. Wort, K. Ackermann, H.El Mkami, R.I. Hunter, G.M. Smith, T.F. Prisner, B.E. Bode.

Folding and binding studies of the fluoride riboswitch from Thermotoga petrophila by magnetic resonance
Laura Remmel, Katrin Ackermann, Carlos Penedo-Esteiro, Bela E. Bode.

EPR Studies of Radicals Derived from N-Heterocyclic Carbene Boranes and N-Heterocyclic Carbene Boriranes.
Dennis P. Curran, John C. Walton.

Anomalous effects in high frequency multi-spin EPR.
J.McKay, R.Ward, C.Pliotas, H.El Mkami, R.I.Hunter, D. Bolton, P.A.S.Cruickshank, B.Bode, J.H.Naismith, G. M. Smith.

The speciation of nitrogen in silicate melts
F. Formoso, E. Mare, D. Dawson, G. Bromiley, S. Ashbrook, S. Mikhail.

Electron paramagnetic resonance of Fe3+ in BaTiO3
Liam Trzaska, David J. Keeble.

Investigation of multi-spin effects in pulse dipolar EPR spectroscopy using model systems
Niti Schindler, S. Valera, Bela E. Bode.

Efficient treatment of classical degrees of freedom in magnetic resonance simulations
Ahmed Allami, Maria Grazia Concilio, Ilya Kuprov.

Unravelling the mechanism of Copper-mediated reactions using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Antoine Schuller, Deepali Sood, Matt West, Allan Watson, Bela Bode.

Conformational Changes in the Structure of Human Calmodulin
Stuart R. Fisher, Janet E. Lovett.

The HIPER upgrade
R.I.Hunter, H. El Mkami, P.A.S.Cruickshank, D.A.Robertson, C.Motion, G.M.Smith.

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