Former Seminars
Posters presented at the

Second Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews
Centre of Magnetic Resonance

Thursday 7 June 2012, School of Chemistry, St Andrews, 5 pm

A Solid-State NMR and High-Resolution Diffraction Investigation of Niobate Perovskites
Martin D. Peel, Philip Lightfoot, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Investigating the 31P CSA of Aluminophosphates by First-Principles Calculations and 2D CSA-Amplified PASS
Scott Sneddon, Daniel M. Dawson, Martin R. Mitchell, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Improved background suppression in 1H MAS NMR using composite pulses
Smita Odedra, Stephen Wimperis

EPR Spectroscopic Study of Radicals Generated from Photolyses of Oxime Carbonates
Roy T. McBurney, Andrew Harper, John C. Walton

Hydration-Induced Phase Transitions in the Aluminophosphate AlPO-53
Daniel M. Dawson, Richard I. Walton, Stephen Wimperis, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Reorientational dynamics in the closo-carboranes using molecular dynamics and 11B MAS NMR
Hernan Ahumada, Teresa Kurkiewicz, Michael J. Thrippleton, Stephen Wimperis

Structural changes to histone H3 amino terminal alpha-helix upon K56 acetylation,
Linas Urnavicius, Colin Hammond, Tom Owen-Hughes, David G Norman

Sensitive surface loop-gap micro-resonators for electron spin resonance,
Ekaterina Dikarov, Ygal Twig, Aharon Blank

Investigating Disorder in Ceramic Wasteforms through MAS NMR and First-Principles Calculations
Martin R. Mitchell, Simon W. Reader, Diego Carnevale, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Hunting for Hydrogen in Wadsleyite: Multinuclear Solid-State NMR and First-Principles Calculations
Sharon E. Ashbrook, John M. Griffin, Andrew J. Berry, Stephen Wimperis

Solid-State NMR Investigation into Local Structure and Order in the Aluminophosphate STA-2
Valerie R. Seymour, Maria Castro, Paul A. Wright, John M. Griffin, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Modelling Molecular Crystals by QM/MM: Local Geometry Optimization and Transition Metal NMR Properties
Ragnar Bjornsson, Michael Bühl

Probing Isotope Shifts in 195Pt NMR Spectra with DFT
John C. Davis, Klaus R. Koch, Michael Bühl

Solid-State 13C NMR Investigation of Paramagnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks
Lauren Jamieson, Daniel Dawson, Sharon E. Ashbrook, Romain Cadou, Iain Smellie, Russell E. Morris

Electron paramagnetic resonance of Fe3+ centres in SrTiO3
Ijaz Ahmad, David J. Keeble

Weak Te,Te Bonding Through the Looking Glass of NMR Spin-Spin Coupling
Michael Bühl, Fergus R. Knight, Anezka Kristkova, O. L. Malkina, J. Derek Woollins

EPR investigation of a novel Copper Metal Organic Framework (STAM-1)
Hassane EL Mkami, C. Pal, M.I.H. Mohideen, S. Van Doorslaer, Russell E. Morris, Olav Schiemann

Determining relative orientations of nitroxide spin labels at high field EPR
Johannes E. McKay, Hassane El Mkami, Graham M. Smith

Solution structure of MscS determined by PELDOR spectroscopy
Richard J. Ward, Christos Pliotas, Emma Branigan, Gregor Hagelueken, Akiko Rasmussen, Ian R. Booth, James Naismith and Olav Schiemann

Prospects for high quality PELDOR at sub-100nm concentratio
D.R.Bolton, R.I.Hunter, P.A.S. Cruickshank, H El Mkami, C. Motion, Graham M. Smith

Use of composite pulses in EPR measurements at 94 GHz
C. Motion, P.A.S.Cruickshank, D.R.Bolton, R.I.Hunter, H El Mkami, Graham M. Smith

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