Former Seminars
Posters presented at the

Fifth Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews
Centre of Magnetic Resonance

Monday 8 June 2015, School of Chemistry, St Andrews, 5:10 pm

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Using AIRSS to probe structural disorder in hydrous Fe-free Wadsleyite, Mg2-xH2xSiO4
Robert F. Moran, David McKay, Chris J. Pickard and Sharon E. Ashbrook

Tuneable complex formation in a biomimetic model system - a proof-of-principle study for assessing dimerisation by pulse EPR
Katrin Ackermann, Angeliki Giannoulis, Bela E. Bode

Solid-State NMR Characterisation of 17O- and 29Si-Enriched UTL-Derived Zeolites
Giulia P. M. Bignami, Daniel M. Dawson, Valerie R. Seymour, Paul S. Wheatley, Russell E. Morris, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Developing Models for the Earth's Core Formation through Multinuclear Solid-State NMR of High-Pressure Glasses
Nasima Kanwal, Eeanor Mare, Daniel Dawson, Andrews Berry, Sharon Ashbrook

Pulsed EPR Distance Measurements: Overcoming challenges in Multi-spin Systems
Sivia Valera, Katrin Ackermann, Christos Pliotas, Richard Ward, James H. Naismith, Bela E. Bode

Structural and Dynamical Characterization of Covalently Immobilized Catalysts and Enzymes using Solid-state NMR
Sabu Varghese, Peter Halling, Stephen Wimperis

Pulse Dipolar EPR in Dimers and Multimers
Bela E. Bode

"Ultrafast" High-Resolution STARTMAS NMR of Spin I = 3/2 Nuclei in Solids
Akiko Sasaki, Stephen Wimperis

Solid-State NMR Investigation of Supported Metal Catalysts: Probing the Metal-Support Interaction
Andrew G. M. Rankin, Daniel M. Dawson, Paul B. Webb, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Site-Directed Spin Labelling (SDSL): Mutagenesis, Hidden Cysteines, Genetic Code Expansion, and Beyond...
Stacey Bell, Bouchra Hajjaj,Nino Wili, Paul N. Barlow, Mark Pfuhl, Alison N.Hulme, Janet E. Lovett

The FAM-N method for signal improvement on MQMAS spectra
Henri Colaux, Daniel M. Dawson, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Study of Metallophosphates
Joseph E.Hooper, Daniel M. Dawson, Laurie E. Macfarlane, Mahrez Amri, Lucy Broom, Richard I. Walton, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Probing phase transitions and chemical environments in pyrochlore ceramics by solid-state NMR and first-principles calculations
Arantxa Fernandes, Scott Sneddon, Robert F. Moran, Karl R. Whittle, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Accurate orientation PELDOR measurements and analysis of the Rx bi-functional spin label for protein structure refinement
Johannes E. McKay, Michael Stevens, Hassane EL Mkami, David G. Norman, Graham Smith

Enhancing the modulation depth and sensitivity in high field PELDOR experiments
Claire Motion, S. L. Cassidy, D. R. Bolton, R. I. Hunter, H. El Mkami, S. Van Doorslaer, G. M. Smith

Electron paramagnetic resonance of Fe3+ in SrTiO3
Adam EL-qmache, David J. Finch, David J. Keeble

Development of new radical labelling strategies for cysteine rich proteins
Hajjaj Bouchra, Stacey Bell, Marius Haugland, Michael Stevens, David Norman, Alison Hulme, Alexandra M. Z. Slawin, Edward Anderson, Janet Lovett

Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Polymer : Fullerene Solar Cells
A. J. Thomson, Stephen Hogg, David J. Keeble, Ifor D. W. Samuel

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