Former Seminars
Posters presented at the

Third Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews
Centre of Magnetic Resonance

Monday 10 June 2013, School of Chemistry, St Andrews, 5:10 pm

Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Studies of an Immobilised Enzyme
Nicole E. Faure, Stephen Wimperis, Peter J. Halling

Janet E. Lovett, Brendon W. Lovett, Jeffrey Harmer

PELDOR in rotationally symmetric homo-oligomers
Angeliki Giannoulis, Richard Ward, Emma Branigan, James H Naismith, Bela E. Bode

Yardsticks and slide-rules to improve pulsed EPR distance measurements
Silvia Valera, Bela E. Bode

Enhancement of Quadrupolar Satellite Transitions: Application to Satellite-Transition Magic Angle Spinning (STMAS) NMR
Akiko Sasaki, Stephen Wimperis

The effect of the immediate protein environment on the dynamics of the spin label Rx
Michael Stevens, Colin Hammond, Johannes McKay, Hassane El Mkami, Graham M. Smith, David G. Norman

Predicting NMR Parameters from the Structures of Aluminophosphates
Daniel M. Dawson, Sharon E. Ashbrook First Poster Prize

The effects of magic angle spinning on composite pulses in solid-state NMR
Smita Odedra, Stephen Wimperis Second Poster Prize

Combined Solid-State NMR and DFT Study of Hydrated AlPO-34
Valerie R. Seymour, E. C. Pearson, R. E. Morris, S. E. Ashbrook

Investigating Disorder in Ceramic Wasteforms through MAS NMR and First-Principles Calculations
S. E. Ashbrook

Synthesis, Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of Selenium, Sulfur and Phosphorus Heterocycles
Paula Sanz Camacho, Sharon E. Ashbrook, J. Derek Woollins, Kasun A. Arachchige

Exploiting the 31P Chemical Shift Anisotropy of Aluminophosphates
Scott Sneddon, Daniel M. Dawson, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Interplay of Spiro- with Ortho-Cyclisation Modes in O- and N-Centred Radical Closures onto Arenes
R. T. McBurney, A. Eisenschmidt, John C. Walton

Solid-State NMR Investigation of GaPO-34
Laurie E. Macfarlane, Daniel M. Dawson, Mahrez Amri, Richard I. Walton, Stephen Wimperis, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Using DEER to Probe the Interactions of Complement Proteins Factor H and C3b in Solution
Stacey Bell, Janet E. Lovett

Electrically detected magnetic resonance studies of a-Si
Stephen C. Hogg, Stephen Reynolds, David J. Keeble

Self-trapped polarons in donor-doped PbTiO3
David J. Keeble, Ijaz Ahmad, Stephen C. Hogg

Electron paramagnetic resonance of Fe3+ in SrTiO3
Ijaz Ahmad, David J.A. Finch, David J. Keeble

Modelling Isotope Effects on Nuclear Shielding in Rh(III) and Pt(IV) Complexes
John C. Davis, Klaus R. Koch, Michael Bühl

Simulation-Assisted Fast-Amplitude-Modulated Conversion Pulses for Multiple-Quantum MAS Experiments
Henri Coleaux, Daniel M. Dawson, Sharon E. Ashbrook

Unusual Phase Behaviour in the Piezoelectric (Li,Na)NbO3 Perovskite System
Martin D. Peel, Sharon E. Ashbrook, Phil Lightfoot

Unbiased Paramagnetic Resonance Constrains for Structural Biology
Bela E. Bode

DFT Computation of 103Rh NMR Chemical Shifts of Cationic Rhodium-Bis(Phosphine) Complexes
Manuel A. Ortuno, Ludovic Castro, Michael Bühl

Conformational analysis study of Ac-gly-NHMe, CF3-C(O)-gly-NHMe and Ac-gly-NH(Me)2 through theoretical calculations and NMR spectroscopy
Rodrigo A. Cormanich, Luke Crawford, Michael Bühl, Claudio F. Tormena, Roberto Rittner

Weak Te,Te bonding through the looking glass of NMR spin-spin coupling
Michael Bühl, Fergus D. Knight, Anezka Kristkova, Olga L. Malkina, J. Derek Woollins

Accurate orientation PELDOR measurements and analysis
Johannes McKay

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